Whether you have an Apple or an Android phone, you will agree that your phone plays a particularly important role in your life. From communications with friends and loved ones, to apps which help to make the workday a bit easier. And when the phone is dropped or hit, the potential for disaster occurs. Therefore, having a phone case is critical to protecting your phone against damage. Here are some of the top phone cases for 2021.

What to look for in your case

While style is an important quality in choosing the best case for you in 2021, it is equally important that you weigh the design features to the function of the case. Some cases provide screen protection while others offer protection for your camera lenses. Most cases offer protection and provide a new style for the back and sides of the phone. Depending upon your reasons for purchasing a case, whether it is for extra protection, to add some flare to the device, or (if purchasing a case wallet) to make life a bit simpler, your case selection options will vary.

Best Apple Phone Cases for 2021

Finding an official apple phone case is rather easy. Yet, the styles available tend to be a bit on the bleak side. With the Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe, you find a bit more comfort and style in the overall design.  Unlike a hard plastic, the silicone gives the case a soft feel. This is an important feature for those who do not want the abrasion from a hard case to wear upon the skin. Secondly, the MagSafe feature of the case allows for iPhones to charge on Apple MagSafe compliant Chargers.

Want to express yourself a bit more? Try the clear cases from Apple. Built for the generation 8 and up, the clear design allows the user to customize the look and feel of their phone to meet his or her personality. This can be accomplished using phone stickers, colored or patterned phone casements, or decals.

Should you not wish to have hard plastic or silicone for your Apple Phone, one of the best-case styles of 2021 phones would be the Liquid Air Armor case. This case is more cost efficient and features the diamond style which is common to many phone cases. The case does offer anti-shock protection due to the cushion design while at the same time provides an easy grip feature due to the diamond and diagonal pattern within the material.

 Best Android Phone Cases for 2021

Android based phone users should first take note of the generation as well as the manufacturer of their phone before seeking a phone case. The best phone cases of 2021 are designed specifically for the brand. These brands are usually Samsung, Moto, Google, and LG.

Samsung phones offer a number of different top style phone cases for 2021. Among the top selections are the Spigen Liquid Air Armor, Otter Box Defender, and the Spigen Tough Armor cases. With the Spigen Liquid Armor case, you will find that there is the common diamond pattern. However, the slim design as well as the form fitting case makes the case stylish for this year. Instead of looking like a case on a phone, when used, the black case makes the case appear to be a new phone casement. 

Spigen’s Tough Armor case has the opposite style functionality. The case is designed to stand out while remaining slick and stylish. Primarily designed for damage control, users may find that once the phone is in place, removal of the phone from the case could be difficult. That being stated, the case has proven to protect phone case drops from around four feet.

For those who are prone to phone droppage and damage, the Otterbox Defender Series case may be the option for you. This style is intended for extreme damage control and protection. The design features a belt-clip holster for easy mounting and the port cover keeps out dirt and grime. Users should be aware that the case does not offer a built-in screen protector, so one would need to be purchased to maximize protection. 

Perhaps the more personal style option for your Android phone in 2021 are the Moto G Play cases. With many decal prints available ranging from the printed butterfly case to skull heads, to personalized printed cases, the Moto G Play case offers the most variations to the design. Additionally, those who wish to combine style with functionality may wish to seek out a Moto G Play leather phone wallet. There are many colors and styles to choose from.

The Best Duel Compatibility Phone Style of 2021

If you have multiple phones, or if you just want to have an incredibly unique look to your phone, then the 3D cases from Voxx case are for you. These affordable 3D phone cases are designed for both iPhone as well as most Samsung Galaxy Devices. Featuring protective surface and cute appearance and is ready for any of the add-on smartphone lenses. Additionally, these phone cases are shock-absorbing and eco-friendly to the environment. Keep in mind that the protector lenses can also be found within the website.

All in all, it’s clearly a must to buy a phone case for your gadget to protect it from daily harm. So, whether you’re an iPhone 12 user or still clinging onto the older models, we highly suggest you grab one of those bad boys to keep your phone safe to prevent higher repair costs!

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