Did you know that more than 40% of mobility device users cannot perform major tasks around their homes? If you fall into this category, we can help.

Having an accessible entry and exit point is essential for your space. There could be devastating consequences if you don’t have a way to get out of your home in an emergency. If you use a wheelchair, scooter, cane, or walker user, a ramp can provide the accessibility you need in your home. 

Keep reading to find our tips on choosing the best wheelchair ramp.

Choose the Right Length

If you buy a ramp that’s too short, you’ll have a difficult time wheeling or pushing up it. Too-short ramps will be on a steep incline that can become very dangerous. Longer ramps will decrease the slope and make it much easier and safer. 

There are a few measurements you must take to determine the proper length of ramp you’ll need. Measure the height from the ground to the top of the rise. For example, you’ll measure from the bottom of your front doorsteps to the top of the landing. 

You will also need to know how much distance you have to work with straight out from that high point.

For residential use, we recommend one foot of ramp length for every one inch of vertical rise. If your front landing is three feet from the ground, you’ll need 36 feet of ramp. 

Know Your Ramp Options

There are several different types of wheelchair ramps you should consider. 

Free-standing ramps are sturdy and durable and can be permanent or temporary. Wood options are the best if you’re looking for something to use long-term. They are a bit more work to upkeep, though.

Wood will rot over time so you’ll need to take preventative measures to stop that from happening. Wood can also be slippery in certain types of weather so you’ll need grip tape to provide traction. 

Aluminum free-standing ramps are more affordable than wood styles. They often come in modular designs, allowing you to choose the configuration you need to suit your needs. If you ever find you need more ramp, it’s easy to add another module to adjust the length. 

It is very easy to dent aluminum, however, and isn’t quite as nice looking as wood. 

Portable ramps are a great lightweight choice if you’re looking for something to haul around with you. We wouldn’t recommend using portable styles as a permanent fixture for your house. 

Portable styles are perfect for travelers looking for a way to make their vacations more accessible.

Full-length portable ramps are durable and provide the most stability. They feature a wide base that makes pushing the chair up easy. 

Portable track ramps are the ultimate option if you’re looking for portability. They feature a telescoping design that allows for compact storage. They come in two pieces that you’ll need to set an appropriate distance apart to push the wheelchair up. 

Get the Best Wheelchair Ramp Today

You will never regret investing in the best wheelchair ramp for your needs. You’ll have a lot more independence with a safe way to enter and exit your home.

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By Hemant Kumar

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