Going on nearly 200 years ago, a German man called Justus von Liebig came up with the general mirror design we are accustomed to seeing today. He was a chemist and devised a way to put a reflective metallic coating onto clear glass to create a mirror.

Now, of course, there are many types of mirrors, but they’re all fundamentally the same in the way they work. Yet, mirrors are more than just a practical item in the home. Mirrors have decorative qualities, and they can manipulate your perception of light in the home to great effect.

So let’s now look at several types of mirrors that could work great in your home! 

White Mirrors

A large white mirror will enhance any room in the home. The white elegance and beauty of the frame are what’s so appealing with these home mirrors. They tend to have a clean-looking porcelain look about them.

Plus, when you have a larger mirror in any given room, you create the illusion of more space. Also, you can position the mirror in a location where it captures light from outside to illuminate dark rooms in your home.

Mirrored Tables

You will often see a mirror positioned on the tabletop of mirrored tables. Plus, they tend to be coffee tables, rather than dining tables or any others.

These types of mirror options add a little design twist to your home to make your living room look more interesting and unique. They are also great fun to have if you have small kids.

Wall Mirrors

If you want to go next level with the illusion of creating more space, you could opt for wall mirrors. These kinds of mirrors cover an entire wall in your home. 

So with wall mirrors, you’ll see an entire reflection of the room you are in. This makes it look double the size! The downside, however, to getting wall mirrors is they can be pricey and you may need a specialist to install them.

Floor Mirrors

If you’re passionate about fashion, you might want to install floor mirrors in your dressing room or bedroom. You may have seen them in changing rooms in boutiques. Yet, there are residential mirrors that you can have installed on your floor too.

The reason why floor mirrors are great for fashion, is you be able to see your outfit from a whole new angle. You will often use floor mirrors in combination with other wall-mounted mirrors for the best viewing results.

Mirror Decorations

Mirror decorations can come in various shapes and sizes. They are not so much meant for practical viewing purposes, but more as something to decorate your home in a creative way.

You might have, for example, mirrors that form bubble shapes on the bathroom wall. Or maybe you might want to opt for contemporary-looking geometric-shaped mirrors in your living room as a showpiece.

The Various Types of Mirrors

We’ve touched upon some of the very many different types of mirrors that are available for the home. We especially like the large white mirror idea as a simple way of enhancing a room.

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By Hemant Kumar

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