Are you looking for a dentist because cavities have gotten the better of your teeth? If you are, trust us, you’re not alone. Approximately 92% of adults between 20 and 65 have cavities in their permanent teeth.

Cavities are downright annoying; not only do they make your teeth hurt, but they can also be a real eyesore. The best way to rid yourself of cavities and other dental issues is by visiting a licensed dentist. However, with so many dentists to choose from, how do you pick the best dentist?

Today’s post is a comprehensive guide on picking the best dentist for your dental situation. Moreover, you can fully trust Aria Dental for the best dental treatments.

Check the Dentist’s Credentials

The first thing to check when looking for a dentist is whether the dentist has all the proper credentials. By credentials, we’re talking stuff like board certification and proper licensing.

A good dentist will also be a member of one or a few dental organizations like ADA. Also, check whether the dentist has any history of malpractice or dental-related lawsuits. You can find all this out and much more on state websites or sites like

Look at the Dentist’s Experience

The more experienced a dentist is, the better the services are likely to be. Ask the dentist about their experience and how long they’ve been in the dental industry. As a rule of thumb, look for dentists with at least five years of experience.

Aside from the years serving as a dentist, inquire about how many patients the dentist has treated before. Also, find out if they’ve dealt with your particular conditions to know whether the dentist is the right pick.

It’s worth noting that endodontists and orthodontists must undergo a few additional years of training. This training ensures that they can successfully handle even the most complex dental procedures.

Check the Dentists’ Cleanliness

How clean and tidy your dentist is can speak volumes about the type of dentist you’re dealing with. A dirty and disorganized dental office shows that the dentist may not be as diligent as you want them to be. This will likely reflect on their treatments and dental procedures.

To be in safer hands, steer clear of any dentist that appears dirty or disorganized. Look at their staff and see whether they wear gloves and keep their offices tidy. You can never go wrong with a clean and organized dentist.

Check out Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials will give you a firm idea of what to expect from the dentist. Reviews are first-hand accounts of previous patients on their experience with the dentist. You’ll learn a lot from reviews, including their service quality, charges, reliability, and attitude towards patients.

Testimonials on the dentist’s site are good, but they may not give you an accurate picture of the situation on the ground. Instead, check out reviews on authority review sites like Yelp or the BBB for honest and unbiased reviews.

Ask for Referrals from Family and Friends

The best way to find a good local dentist for your dental issues is through family and friends. Close friends and workmates will point you in the right direction and make your search a lot simpler. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from your social circle.

For the ultimate best, look for someone treated for your particular condition. That way, you can be sure that the dentist in question can do you justice.

Check Payment Plans and Insurance

Don’t be afraid to ask whether the dentist accepts your insurance network. If they do, you can save a good amount in out-of-pocket costs. Also, ask how much they charge for their service to see whether you can afford them.

Don’t fall into the trap of going for the cheapest dentist you can find. In most cases, you’ll end up getting what you pay for. Cheap dentists cut corners on crucial aspects of the treatment process to profit at the end of the day.

Find a dentist that offers quality services at an affordable price. This dentist, for instance, is a fine example of a dentist that offers stellar services at a reasonable price.

Look at Their Technological Capability

Technology in the dentist industry has grown in leaps and bounds from what it was a decade ago. These days, we’re looking at technological advancements like teledentistry, 3D dentistry, and virtual reality to distract patients.

The dentist should be well-equipped with the latest technologies to help streamline treatments. A dentist with the right technologies shows that the dentist is moving with the times. Expect only top-notch dental service from such dentists.

Look at the Services the Dentist Offers

Some dentists specialize in particular fields, while some are Jacks of all trades. It’s much better to find a dentist who can offer multiple services. These services may include tooth filling, whitening, braces, among others.

It’s okay to settle for a specialist but only for specific cases. For instance, if you need teeth alignment, you’re much better with a dentist specializing in orthodontics. However, if you need a dentist for the long haul, you’re better off with one that offers various services.

Schedule an In-Person Visit

Before taking your pick, it’s important that you schedule an in-person visit with the dentist you have in mind. Most dentists offer a free consultation for first-time patients. This free consultation is an excellent opportunity to learn about your dentist.

You can learn the dentist’s behavior towards their patients and the state of the dental practice. Make sure you have all questions beforehand, so you can check the boxes as the consultation proceeds. This will help you know whether you’ve got the right person for the job.

Only Settle for the Best Dentist

You deserve nothing less than the best dentist for your dental needs. The above tips should help you find the right dentist to address your dental issues. Be sure to do your digging before finally settling on a dentist.

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