Every piece of clothing on your body should match the other pieces properly to ensure you pull off an appealing outfit. You need to have extensive knowledge in matching colours and clothing styles to expand your overall fashion sense. There is one piece of clothing that did not gain enough attention before until today, and that is the socks. 

Most fashion styles nowadays utilise socks that have appealing graphics and colour to bring out more life and personality. Before you buy socks online, you need to know the different types of socks and how you can wear them. You might regret buying the wrong socks in the future, which is frustrating because you might not have them replaced with the ones you like. 

1. Knee High Socks

One type of socks you need to know about are knee-high socks, and women usually prefer wearing them when they wear running shoes or boots used for the winter. They use it as another layer of insulation to keep their legs warm since the winter boots are not enough. And besides wearing it for insulation, knee-high socks are also required in some professions. 

Some industries where women are required to wear knee-high socks are in flying and hospitality since it pairs well with most of their uniforms. Not only do women wear knee-high socks, but athletes can wear them too, specifically soccer. 

2. Calf Length Socks

Another type of socks that are next to knee-high ones is calf-length socks. They are slightly shorter in length and only reach up to the calf part of your legs. Athletes are the most well-known people to wear calf-length socks because it provides pressure on their calf muscles and protects them from muscle injuries. 

What is great about calf-length socks is that you can choose ones with appealing designs and colours. Most people who wear them would pair them with shorts or short shorts because it accentuates the sock’s design, the shoes, and their legs. The socks are best for people who have longer legs to make them look proportional. 

3. Ankle Socks

If you do not want to show off your socks and just want a plain, simple-looking one, the ankle socks are the best to wear. They may only keep your feet warm, but they are great whenever you want to conceal your socks when you only want to show your shoes and legs. Usually, people who wear low or medium-cut shoes would wear ankle socks because it makes people focus on the shoes more. 

They are also great whenever you go to events, and you want to pull off a sophisticated look. You should choose ankle socks that are plain-coloured, such as grey, black, or brown, whenever you are attending formal events. 

4. Thigh High Socks

The next socks are mostly the best option for women with slim, long legs because they cover your entire legs up to your thighs. Women who wear the socks pair them with skirts or mini shorts to accentuate their entire outfit. They can even choose printed thigh high socks to make their appearance more lively. 

Since you now know the different types of socks, you need to find a reputable store where you can buy socks online that are made from high-quality fabrics.

By Hemant Kumar

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