The media speaks about the British royal family every day, but the history of the Danish monarchy is no less interesting. The reigning 78-year-old queen has two sons, one of whom is set to take the throne. It is about him and his betrothed Mary princess royal and countess of harewood that will be discussed, because she, a real Cinderella, who helped the unlucky crown prince turn from a playboy and an eternal participant in the yellow press news into an exemplary family man and the pride of her country.

And Here’s The Fairy Tale!

A simple girl, advertising agent Mary Donaldson from Australia, was going to a club with her friends, not a party. On the way, she decided to stop by a fortune teller at the market. The woman saw that soon Mary was waiting for a meeting with an influential foreigner, which would change her life forever. At that time, it was possible to meet foreigners in Sydney 2000 at every turn. The city hosted the Olympic Games, but who would have thought that the fortune-teller was talking about the Crown Prince of Denmark.

It is worth noting that the prince looked truly fabulous. A beautiful body, kind children’s eyes, and exquisite manners could turn the head of every beauty. No wonder Frederick has had affairs with famous models, actresses, and designers from all over the world. He even wanted to marry several, but Queen Mother Margrethe delivered an ultimatum: a wedding or a crown.

The Moment Of Acquaintance

Mary came to the club with her friends: a neighbor and a close friend, who introduced her to a company of foreigners, which included Fred, as he introduced himself to Mary. The company of foreigners consisted of 3 princes and a princess, but no one knew about the origin. One of the young men in Frederick’s company was a little familiar with the neighbor’s sister Mary, who asked her brother to look after friends in a foreign country. Mary and Fred talked all night, but the prince’s origins remained a mystery. Mary thought he was a simple guy and gave him her phone number. In the morning, he called and called many more times, continuing the correspondence romance via email and telephone.

At the moment of the meeting, both felt that this was fate. Mary’s something “clicked” in her chest, and whole fireworks of feelings exploded in Frederick’s head. After a year of penchant, Mary was introduced to Denmark as a friend of the prince and moved to live in Copenhagen. The queen had the soul of a meek foreign woman who was ready to change and improve. Three years of a calm and quivering romance led to the engagement that the whole country was expecting. Kind and always elegant Mary was able to receive the love of all citizens of Denmark, was accepted by the queen, and adored by her fiancé.

And They Lived Happily Ever After…

4 years after the Olympics, the couple got married. The prince could not hold back his tears when he saw his princess walking to the altar. He vowed that he would always love and protect her. The dress for the crown princess was made by Danish designer Uffe Franka, and the tiara that adorned her head was presented by the queen herself. In addition, at the wedding banquet, Margrethe said very warm words and thanked the girl for helping the prince find himself and grow up.

Now the couple has 4 beautiful children, and they are loved by all citizens of Denmark. Crown Princess Mary is considered a style icon and patronizes many charities. The couple leads a normal life, except for social events and the performance of royal duties. Mary and Frederick are very fond of their children and try to spend all their free time with them. They can often be found in the park on their bicycles, playing ball, or on their way to school.

Mary did not dream of becoming a princess, according to her, the childhood goal was to treat animals and open her veterinary clinic, but it was as the wife of the crown prince that she found her calling and revealed herself as a beautiful woman and mother.

By Hemant Kumar

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