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It is a known fact that no formal training is required to become a nanny. Still, taking specialized child care training courses will upgrade your CV and boost your knowledge about the business. Still, there are tons of online nanny courses, so the trick is to choose which ones should you take. 

Some people would even go so far as to call babysitting a dream job. It is mainly due to the fact that the working hours are flexible and you are in charge of your time. Also, maybe the most important fact is that you can choose your employer, the same way they are choosing you. 

However, whether you’re at college, at your part job, or l a full-time career, a love of kids isn’t enough to make you stand out on a nanny market. To be successful, you must take certifications, training, and online courses. So, let’s check out what is best for you. 

Let’s Check Out 4 Essential Online Nanny Courses 

There are tons of curses for different occasions online. Their main purpose is to get you prepared for your caregiver role. Of course, every person and every family is different. Still, there are some courses important for everyone since they can affect the lives of clients’ children literally. 

So, if you are into establishing caregiving as your profession, make sure to invest enough time to research online and choose what courses are the best for you. Nowadays, all parents are away from home, so, the job of a nanny is definitely a great career choice

Here are the 4 courses of our choice:

  • Nanny basic skills assessment
  • First aid and CPR
  • Child nutrition training
  • Childhood education training

Nanny Basic Skill Assessment 

As the name says, Nanny Basic Skills Assessment is one of the basic courses you need to take if you plan to become a nanny. The most important thing here is to give a family peace of mind when they are choosing the nanny for their child. This program will definitely put their mind at ease. 

The main purpose of the assessment is to make sure that the candidates who do not have a degree in a child-related field, both upgrade their knowledge and put the certificate into their portfolio. 

This assessment is also very reliable and comprehensive since it includes topics like professionalism, child development, health care, etc. Although there are tests you can take separately, particularly specified for every area, this one has it all. 

First Aid And CPR

CPR and first-aid certifications are definitely the most important certifications a nanny can have since of course, they include dealing with potential life-or-death situations. Kids can be difficult to deal with. Toddlers and small children are very challenging and sometimes they will not listen to you and they can, for instance, put something in their mouth. At that point, the fast and professional reaction is everything. 

Precisely that is why many families won’t even consider hiring a nanny who does not own this training certificate. Therefore, if you plan to continue your career as a nanny, try enrolling in high-quality First Aid and CPR training and make sure to save your stable career progress. 

All in all,  there are many organizations offering their own programs and they are typically designed by child care and first aid safety experts. The good thing is that some of them are so on point that you can follow them on your own and at your own pace. 

Child  Nutrition Training 

It is the truth that some parents will not care about this if they have the other person taking care of the food or they are doing that themselves. Still, almost every time, it will happen that they had to work overtime and that they could not provide enough meals to their children. 

That is when it is your turn to show them that you are perfectly capable to feed a child healthy and properly. Although some of them don’t want to admit it, any knowledge of nutrition or cooking will definitely make you stand out from the other candidates. 

Every parent wants that his kid is well-fed. Still, it is not only about preparing the food. It is also about teaching them how to eat in a healthy manner. Especially these days, a lot of children are obese or malnourished. We live in very hectic times and there is often no time to even think about eating healthy, nevertheless teaching them. 

That is why, for every top performer nanny, nutrition, and cooking classes are very important and you need to be skilled and well prepared for this topic. There is even some training where you can even become a Kid’s Nutrition Specialist, so take your time and find a proper online course for you.

Childhood Education Training 

Maybe in the past, being a nanny was just about being physically present and keeping an eye on the children. Now, we have a business that is constantly developing and it is not about only being present anymore. That is why you need to learn more about children’s development and educate yourself enough about this topic

Parents are constantly overworked and in accordance with not being around so much and making more money, when they hire a nanny, they expect full service. Put two and two together and actually you will realize that the more you learn and upgrade your CV and knowledge, the bigger your paycheck will be. 

Many community colleges offer basic child care education certifications, still, during this pandemic time, even the colleges offer online courses. So, make sure to choose the one suitable for you and start learning and upgrading.

Find a list of required and ongoing training topics and make sure to go step by step. Since there are tons of childhood education courses, if you are a beginner, make sure not to go to advanced courses immediately. Just do your research and get ready for the next step in your career. 

There are a few easy ways to choose the appropriate course for yourself. One of the best methods is asking your nanny friends or investigating online. Since your colleagues are your competition, maybe they will not give you all the details necessary and that is why you need to take care of the small details yourself. 

Check out also what nannies are highlighting on their business profiles. Make sure to do your research, before entering any program. The reason why you need to think well is that there are also a lot of scammers that will just take your money. Therefore, always ask about the course first and make sure you are reimbursed in case something happens. 

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!