Pitlochry is a fantastic choice for a break, there is so much to see and do. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of great places to stay in and around the area and finding the perfect base for your trip is easy with these Pitlochry hotel deals. So, pack your walking boots and enjoy your visit to this stunning part of Scotland.

Below we have rounded up some of the top things to do to make the most of your visit:

Blair Athol Distillery 

Blair Athol Distillery is one of the oldest working distilleries found in Scotland, standing at the entrance to the Scottish Highlands in the beautiful town of Pitlochry. Found in the quaint foothills of Grampian Mountains, the ancient source of water is what fuels the spirits of Blair Athol. These waters are what enable the whisky to have such a smooth and mellow finish. You can enjoy a guided tour that is going to educate you on the distillery as well as a sinful dram of Blair Athol Single Malt Whisky. 

Queen’s View 

The area was actually named after Queen Victoria who visited in 1866, just a short distance from Pitlochry, this incredible view looms over Loch Tummel. There are a number of views in the area that are perfect for the entire family and allow you the opportunity to see the marvelous Schiehallon far off in the distance as well. You may choose to enjoy lunch at the café in the visitors center or spend some extra time learning about the Perthshire area or surrounding forests. 

Ben Vrackie 

This is an area that is well known for providing a gorgeous backdrop to Pitlochry with an incredible summit that peaks at a very impressive 2,757 ft. Ben Vrackie actually translates into “speckled mountain” which is traced back to a time when there was white quart spread across the slopes. You can traverse to the summit and take in some of the most breathtaking views you will ever see, including that of the Beinn a Ghlo range as well as the Strathtummel region. 

Faskally Wood 

Located within the Tay Forest Park, Faskally Wood is the home to a number of various tree species, some of them well over 200 years old. Additionally, the area is home to the Enchanted Forest event that takes place on a yearly basis in October. In the forest, you can explore the beautifully tranquil Loch Dunmore, which offers a timber footbridge and boat house. Or you may choose to traverse one of the many trails in the area that have gorgeous views of lochside trees or simply take in the many colors of the buds and flowers throughout the seasons. 

Killiecrankie Gorge 

While the area may not look it now, it was actually home to one of the bloodiest battles in Jacobite history. You can stop in the visitor centre to learn more about the battle as well as a great deal of information on the local wildlife and other history. A short walk will bring you to the 18ft-wide Soldier’s Leap that has some truly incredible views throughout the path or just continue along until you reach the Pass of Killiecrankie. If you are visiting during the rainy season, be sure to keep an eye out for salmon leaping up into the air. 

Black Spout Wood 

Situated just south of Pitlochry, you can visit the Black Spout Wood, which gathers its name form the beautiful Black Spout Waterfall. Take a moment and view the waterfall up close, it is easy to visit directly from the centre of Pitlochry by walking. There are also a number of paths that make their way through the woods that are going to offer some very impressive views from comfortable platforms along the way.

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