The importance of wearing hats became prominent these days. It adds a unique attitude to renowned celebrities. Thus, both men and women prefer this accessory as a fashion statement by amplifying an additional pop to your ordinary wardrobe. It also serves an essential purpose simultaneously, such as providing shade to the eyes from the sun and keeping the head warm. One of the common types of highly fashionable hats that can make you look elegant is a leather outback hat.

As the name suggests, this hat comes out of leather. They have large brims to safeguard your eyes and face from the intense glimmer of the sun. It gives you a rugged outdoor look when compared to a fedora. The edge of this headdress remains tilted in the front. The posterior part of this headdress provides a defense from the ultraviolet rays and downpours. You must know ways to maintain your felt headdress easily. After wearing it a few times, it is undoubtedly going to need some maintenance. Keeping your headdress can make you go nuts. You need to understand certain things while giving it a fresh look or revamping your felt hat. In this handbook, you will know some of the techniques you should employ, and you will also get to know the products you should utilize if you choose to keep your headdress clean.

Try specially designed headdress brush

To maintain the dust and silt away from your headdress, you should benefit from a headdress brush that gets specially designed for your felt hat. It will enable you to eliminate any unwanted substances from the surface of your hat. You should brush your headdress suitably and perpetually in the identical direction if you desire a spotless cleaning or make it durable; one of the best ways to clean your headdress is by scrubbing your headdress with a brush in a delicate manner counterclockwise. Start your cleaning from the anterior part of the headdress and move around the hat. Once it has become spotless, you can move on to the next step.

Use a lint roller to discard the dust

It would help if you always carried a lint roller with you in your hand. By keeping a lint roller, you must ensure that there are no traces of hair or dust on the crown of your headdress. A precisely formulated lint roller for your felt hat is available in the market. You must purchase one for yourself and always roll it on your felt hat to keep your headdress free from any dust.

Hat sponge to provide a fresh look to your headdress

If you desire to keep your headdress always looking fresh and exotic, keep an acceptable sponge for your hat by your side. It is one of the oldest techniques imprinted in various journals to keep your headdress eternally neat. Use a dry sponge for your hat to eliminate dust and dirt from the surface of your cap. You always keep two different sponges by your side, one sponge for deep-colored headdresses and the other sponge for light-colored hats.

Sprays for making your headdress stiff

You must have noticed that over time your headdress may lose its shape and stiffness. If you want to lift your hat a little bit or need to bring back its former condition, then you are advised to use sprays that make your headdress stiff. These sprays get explicitly used for this purpose itself. There is one best practice for doing this. First, you need to eliminate all the dust particles from the surface of your headdress with the help of the sponge lint roller. Then keep your hat and the spray bottle at a bit of distance from each other. The spray bottle has to be about a few inches far from the headdress. Drizzle the entire headdress with only a few sprays. Once it is dry, then you can step out with confidence with an appropriate outfit.

Giving a fresh look to the sweatband

You can tidy up the sweatband of your headdress to give it a fresh look instantly. You can tidy up your sweatband with the help of a toothbrush, water, and mild soap. You can gently brush the band to remove all the unwanted dirt from it.

Purchasing a headdress for yourself not only involves effort but maintaining it properly also depends on your endeavor. Whether you are wearing it regularly or occasionally, it is undoubtedly going to get dirty and become a little messy. Different types of hats require other methods of washing. Going through the tips mentioned above, you will learn how to keep your felt headdress clean and maintain it for wearing it at the next event. These tips will also help your hat to last for ages to come.

By Hemant Kumar

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