Gone are the days when bathrooms need to be solely functional! Today baths get designed both aesthetically and functionally, yielding the best of modern bath spaces. Undoubtedly, the bathtub is the focal point of any bath space and requires care and attention to get the best out of it. With that said, it is pretty natural to feel overwhelmed with the several tub material choices. From stainless steel to glass and wood, the options are many. Undoubtedly, stone bathtubs stand unique amidst the several types due to their luxurious appeal and even-toned, smooth finish. So, if you fancy a modern bath space, a stone bath must be on your wishlist to get the look completed.

Why Choose Stone Baths?

To begin with, answering the question of why one must choose a stone bath over other material choices is that they can flawlessly blend into whatever style your bathroom is- modern or aesthetic. To pull off a luxuriously modern bath space, all you will need is a stone bath and a stone basin (monochromes work best). Given below are four reasons why investing in a stone bath makes sense,

1. Retains optimal heat like no other!

Making up a hot water bath can seem easy but is tricky. Most times, you will have to keep replacing hot water and flush it into the bath. Glass and wooden baths do not retain heat, letting you only enjoy shorter baths. On the flip side, stone naturally retains heat and helps prevent the heat from escaping. 

Eventually, you can enjoy extended hot baths and stay away from wasting water. On the bottom line, you can also save on electricity bills as you do not have to keep reheating the water. You can enjoy all the comfort by simply investing in a stone bath. 

2. Surprising resilience and durability

Stone baths tend to last for a lifetime! Choosing natural stone baths indicates a one-time investment due to their excellent durability and sturdiness. You need not worry about scratches or paint peeling off like how you feel with a porcelain or glass bathtub. With that said, stone baths rarely scratch or crack open, keeping away expensive upkeep and replacements. 

Stone baths never fade or discolour when taken appropriate care of and look like the same new bath for years together. Stone baths are also resistant to stains, so they eventually will not stake the look of your bath space even after a decade.

3. Diverse design options

While you choose stone for bathtubs, you have versatile internal choices, and the options are limitless. Most manufacturers also offer customisation so that you get to choose your dream bathtub without compromising on your bath space’s theme. Stone baths can take almost all shapes- from oval to rectangle. 

Surprisingly, stone baths can take other unique shapes and designs (boat-shaped, etc.). You also get to choose the edge type- square baths with cutting edge are a classic cult option. On the bottom line, stone baths are all set to create a spa-like feeling at the comfort of your home. 

4. Saving money in the long run

Renovating a bathroom in Australia can cost anywhere between $18,000 to $25,000. True that stone bathtubs are pretty expensive. But they are all worth every penny! Unlike typical bathtub options, stone baths do not require frequent fixes and repairs that can be expensive. Once you install a stone bath, you can rest assured that the bath will last forever. Repairing stone baths are pretty rare and luckily easy and more straightforward than usual repairs. Occasionally polishing stone baths can keep up their lustrous shine and even finish. Apart from this, all it takes is some frequent cleaning and care!

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!