Tips To Find Townhouses for Rent in Austin

Austin is the best city to live in Texas that has world-class museums, parks, places for hiking and biking, and many other activities. The nightlife of Austin is also wonderful. It is a great idea If you are planning to rent an apartment or townhouse in Austin. Here we explain all things about townhouses and give tips to find townhouses for rent in Austin.

What is a townhouse?

Townhouse comes with single or multi-store and it has shared walls with other townhouses in one or two sides. Townhouses are made in a similar pattern in line. The townhouses are owned by individual owners. These all things make it different than apartments. 

Benefits of living in the townhouse

It is a great idea to rent a townhouse in Austin. There is a number of benefits of living in a townhouse.

  • If you consider renting a townhouse in Austin with single-family homes then it is a much cheaper option. 
  • You get lots of space than apartments. For a growing family or couple, renting a townhouse is the best idea. You will get garden or backyard space outside of your home in the townhouse.
  • It is easy to transfer all your house stuff when you move into a townhouse than an apartment.
  • You can get relax outside for fresh air as you have outdoor space for sitting and relaxing in a townhouse.

Tips to find townhouses for rent in Austin

Use Verified Platform

This is the first and most important thing to consider while finding townhouses for rent in Austin. Use verified platforms like AptAmigo to search townhouse listings. You can also see virtual tours of properties and in-house tours with the help of their team. If you go to the private real estate agent without knowing more about it then you will waste time and money in the whole process.

Check activity area

Most townhouses in Austin have good amenities and an activity area. This area is where you spend time relaxing on weekends and evenings, for parties and other functions. If you are a family with children then check the children’s play area. Also, check the condition of the swimming pool, gym, community hall so you can get an idea of how all these facilities are maintained. Also, check the maintenance fee is already included in the rent or you have to pay monthly fees for all the facilities.


Before start searching for townhouses for rent, fix your budget. Use AptAmigo and find which facilities you are getting with your budget and for which locations. You can use as many filters as you can. This practice will give an idea of the price of townhouses in Austin in different areas of the city. Search townhouse which is near to your job or business locations and within your budget. If you have a low budget then you can search townhouses which slightly far from the downtown area of Austin. List out the few townhouses that are as per your requirements and discuss with family members to make the final decision.


When you renting an apartment or townhouse, you must check transportation options from your home. If you live in or around Oakland, you can check the apartments for rent in oakland. As this is a daily task to go to office or business and return, you have townhouses in an area where public transportation is available. If you own a car then you should consider traffic conditions in your area and work location distance.

Check previous bills of utilities

When you rent a townhouse, you have to pay many types of utility bills on a weekly or monthly basis. The amount of bill depends on the type of service, size of the townhouse, and location. To stop getting shocked while getting bills after a month in rental property, it is good to see previous bills amount when you see the townhouse for rent for the first time. This will help you to estimate the monthly total cost to you when you rent a townhouse in Austin.


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