Sheer and flowing curtains

For creating an intimate outdoor space, outdoor curtains are a must. They have become a stylish remedy for bringing privacy in the area and shading the patio from the sun’s direct rays. If you have a pavilion or pergola, you must be extra conscious of its proper protection. For those interested in outdoor living, the problem aggravates in the summer season. If you want to enjoy your summer evenings outside, you have to invest your money in these gorgeous furnishing elements. 

From pretty pergola to elaborate patios, you have to upgrade and expand the outdoor space. For making the area inviting and comfortable, you have to pay attention to the furnishing. You can go for all-weather curtains, which are not only appealing but durable at the same time. They will provide you with privacy and shade and are best for everyday use.

Some interesting varieties of outdoor curtains 

In terms of durability, there is no exception to outdoor curtains. The design and fabric of outdoor curtains are such that they withstand rigorous climatic variations. They will not develop mould and resist wearing and tearing for a long time. Since then, it comes out of weather-resistant fabric. You do not have to think about stains and damage. They will also provide you with UV rays protection and retain colour for a long time.  

Try experimenting with outdoor curtains

For getting a heavy-duty drape that will provide you with sun protection and privacy, you have to consider the different materials available in the market. Whether it is olefin, acrylic, polyester, or cotton, every alternative has its pros and cons. Those interested in synthetic fabric can choose olefin. It is also called polypropylene. It is colourful and also provides you with UV resistance. Hence, it is ideal for tropical areas. Acrylic is available in solid colours as well as stripes. They will not fade with time and are available in attractive colours. Polyester is less expensive as compared to acrylic or olefin. There are endless colours and prints when you choose polyester.

How can you leave out colours? 

When considering outdoor curtains, colours become fundamental. Since the outdoors is a space where nature plays an important role, you have to choose the colour that blends with it. You can go for neutral solids or bold stripes if you want. For providing a subtle look, you can go for cotton or linen with minimum patterns. They will add softness to the area and give a natural look. You may also add a coastal look to the backyard by going for bold stripes and solids. 

Individuals interested in the modern trend can choose romantic options in the market. Some are interested in the vintage look. For this, you have to match the curtain to architectural styles. For creating historic homes, you have to blend different elements properly. It will help in making the 70s look. Sheer and flowing curtains are best for creating that romantic look. All you need is a glowing lantern and pillows and cushions to go with it.

By Hemant Kumar

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