Candidates preparing for the SBI PO exam have to work hard to clear the exam. Many candidates join coaching institutes to prepare for the exam. But, working professionals can prepare for the SBI PO exam at home. This article will help candidates to prepare for the SBI PO exam at home. The self-study helps candidates to clear the exam. If candidates know the strategies to prepare for the exam at home they can attain a good rank. Every year a large number of candidates appear for different bank exams. But, only a few can clear the exam. Self-study is important to ace the exam. Only attending classes at a coaching center is not enough to clear the exam. Candidates have to spare some time at home to prepare well for the exam. As soon as candidates receive SBI PO admit card, they have to hasten up their preparation. A few tips are given here that can help aspiring candidates appearing for the SBI PO exam to prepare for the exam at home.


Planning is important to prepare for the exam. Before preparation candidates must know the syllabus and available time for the exam. They should know the different subjects, the pattern of the paper, and cut-off marks to start preparing for the exam. Understanding each subject is very important. This will help the candidates.

If candidates know the syllabus and exam pattern, they can realize their weak subjects and strengths. Knowing the syllabus and pattern of the exam can also help candidates to choose the right books and study material for the exam preparation. Candidates should download previous year’s question papers and they should solve them on the computer to know their preparation. Mock tests can also help candidates to know their preparation. The pattern changes for all grades of exam. The portions are more or less the same. So do not stand on one exam. Try for various exams too. For example, consider the SBI clerk exam and prepare for it with SBI clerk free mock test 2021 to get updated and to check yourself. Mock tests help for all exams. 

Make a timetable for self study at home

When candidates are preparing for the exam at home, they should make a timetable for self-study. They should strictly follow the timetable. Candidates should give allotted time to each subject. They should skip the subjects and should not ignore the timetable. Making a timetable can help the candidates to prepare for the exam in an organized way. The timetable should be such that it covers all subjects and equal time should be given to every subject.

Cover the entire syllabus topic wise

Candidates must cover the entire syllabus topic-wise so that they do not miss any important topic. They should prepare one topic at a time. This will help them to prepare each topic properly and understand the important concepts. Many candidates start solving mock tests and previous year’s papers without completing the entire syllabus. This will make them confused. Therefore, it is important to first finish the entire syllabus and go through each topic.

Practice online tests

Candidates must have a good command of the computer. They should know the basic skills of the computer to solve the paper on time. SBI PO exam is conducted in the online mode which means candidates have to give a paper on the computer. Therefore, they should practice online mock tests to enhance their speed. Accuracy is also important to score high marks in the SBI PO exam. Candidates should avoid making errors as they can lose marks due to negative marking which can impact their final score.

Read newspapers daily

Candidates preparing for the SBI PO exam should read the newspaper daily. They have to keep updated about the latest news related to the economy, sports, and other areas. Newspaper is the best source to enhance their general awareness. They can also read newspapers online as all newspapers are available on the internet.

Study material

Choosing the right study material is very important for the candidates to prepare for the SBI PO exam. Many websites offer free mock tests and books to download. Candidates can find reliable websites to download the mock tests and study material for bank exam preparation. They can find important books online for each subject that can help them to prepare well for each subject.

Revision of all subjects

The candidates need to revise all subjects before the exam. They should keep the last month for the revision. They should try to revise the major concepts and formulas before the exam. This will help them to memorize the important terms, formulas, and definitions used in the bank PO exam. Candidates can prepare short notes while preparing for the exam. Short notes can help candidates to revise the entire syllabus and important topics properly before the exam. The revision will also help candidates to understand their weak areas. They can focus more on the weak areas to enhance their performance in the exam.

Stay away from distractions

Candidates preparing for the SBI PO exam at home should stay away from distractions. They should spend less time on social media and other leisure activities. They should focus more on finding proper information. Candidates must read magazines. It is also important to practice writing on the computer because the SBI PO mains exam will have a descriptive test as well and candidates have to clear the descriptive test to secure a position in the exam.

Good sleep

Good sleep is very important to prepare for the exam. Candidates must take proper sleep when at home. They should sleep for 6-7 hours while preparing for the exam. Some candidates are working and they may not get enough time to sleep, but they should spare proper time to sleep at night because sleep helps to keep the mind calm. When candidates will prepare with a fresh mind they will understand better and will concentrate more.

Time management and accuracy

When one month is left for the exam, candidates should brush up on the main concepts. They should practice regular mock tests on the computer so that they can finish their exam on time. Every section is allotted equal time and candidates should spend equal time in the exam for each section. Candidates must score qualifying marks in each section to clear the exam. It is only possible if they know to manage time and speed in the exam and this is only possible by doing regular practice. 

By Hemant Kumar

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