Are you planning to move to a different city?

About 45% of Americans say that moving to a new house is the most stressful event in their lives. They claim it’s even more stressful than a divorce.

Knowing how to handle stress when moving means learning both simple and complex steps. Continue reading for some of the best tips to reducing stress when moving.

Practice Time Management

One of the most important tips to reducing stress when moving is time management. Give yourself enough time to sort and pack your stuff. You need about two days to pack your items if you have a one-bedroom apartment.

For two-bedroom homes, you need three to four days. It could take at least five days to pack your items if you live in an even bigger house.

Purge Your Items

Get rid of your items to declutter your home. Sort and organize your items into three groups: sell, donate, or discard.

For valuable items, place them under the sell box. Take clear photos of the items before listing them on Facebook or eBay.

As for items you wish to donate, give them to your favorite charity. You can also give old clothes to homeless people in your area.

Collect Boxes Weeks Before the Move 

Collect as many empty boxes several weeks before the actual moving date. Do the same with stacks of newspapers. Stacking up on these packaging materials will reduce your moving expenses.

Ask for old boxes from your relatives and friends. Check your local grocery store for copies of old community newspapers. Ask if you can have them for free.

If you have no time to hunt for boxes, buy from packing and shipping stores instead. The advantage of buying is you get them in standard sizes. It makes stacking and loading the boxes easier.

Mind Your Valuables

As you begin packing, secure your valuables. Transfer your passport, important documents, and precious jewelry inside your safety deposit box.

Alternatively, you can keep these small items on your person. Wear a money belt and place your valuables within. It helps while sorting through your possessions.

Professional Movers Help

If you have no helpers, hire a team of professional movers. It means shelling out money, but professional movers make house clearance easier.

Movers can carry your furniture and other heavy items. They can also assist with packing and wrapping.

Consider the amount of time necessary for your online search. An alternative is to ask for referrals from your friends and relatives.

Lastly, choose a moving company with a solid reputation. Check the customer feedback section on their website. Be mindful of companies trying to scam customers.

Go Beyond Tips to Reducing Stress

Following these tips to reducing stress simplifies your moving process. You can also save more time and resources along the way.

However, learning how to reduce stress is only one of the many valuable techniques to study.

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By Hemant Kumar

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