Working on your product description is one of the most critical things you will focus on as an Amazon seller. It’s your first and, in many cases, only opportunity to persuade buyers to purchase your product. This means that getting your product description right is also one of the most challenging tasks to complete. You must get inside your buyers’ minds, and maintain a balance between being concise and informative, while sprinkling all the high-ranking keywords throughout. 

But what’s the best way to write your Amazon product description that helps in converting visitors into purchasers? Here are some ideas to help you through it. 

1. Before writing your product descriptions, think about who you’re writing for. 

It’s really important to know your audience before you start writing your product description. Consider who will purchase your item, why they will buy it, and how they will utilize it. It is better to get as much information you can get regarding your potential customers. 

Now that you are done with your homework and conducting market research, you probably will have a good notion of who your target market is. However, if you require additional information, check out the recent feedback of customers regarding your product. You can also google your product to see the reviews and demand, as well as search through different articles, videos, and social media posts from people who use identical products. 

Based on the data you gathered, you can write a product description that reflects the demand of your customers. Set the tone of your description accordingly. 

2. Follow the rules given by Amazon 

Make sure to go through all of Amazon’s rules regarding product description before starting to work on it. According to Amazon, the purpose of having a product description is to help customers understand the product better. So, they have made rules according to this motive. For instance, you can’t mention the following information in your descriptions:

  1. Availability info of your product 
  2. Product reviews 
  3. Condition of the item
  4. Any promotional offer or material 
  5. HTML 

These are the basic don’ts that you must keep in mind. However, take a look at the complete set of rules present in Seller Central. The word count should also be around 300 words.

Few of the sellers end up inserting promotional content which can be quite dangerous. Worst case scenario, you can be suspended from selling on Amazon. Avoid getting in trouble and don’t sneak any promotional material in your product descriptions. 

3. Make your descriptions as simple as you can

Focus on quality instead of quality when it comes to product descriptions on Amazon. Buyers aren’t interested in reading an entire paragraph of the material. They want all of the important details given in a clear and straightforward manner. 

Using bullet points makes it easier for customers to go through the information when they are in a rush. Mention the quality, uses, and price of the product in the description while keeping your customers in mind. Now that we’ve mentioned product price, sellers must understand that apart from working on the content, offering the best product prices is also important to attract buyers. Sign up with one of the best Amazon repricers that would help you stay competitive, and bring customers to your listing.

4. Don’t create unnecessary hype 

It’s easy for sellers to go all out and oversell their products when crafting their product descriptions. However, this isn’t going to help you get more sales. It will simply reduce your word count, without providing any advantage. You can’t keep mentioning how great your product is when of course, the customers will themselves be the judge. 

Make sure to not use extra words or adjectives to define your item. Keep it concise, so that you can have room to add more information. 

5. Use EBC to avoid the restrictions while writing descriptions 

If you think you have an amazing story to tell regarding your product but can’t due to the limitations of word count, then employ EBC (Enhanced Brand Content). With the help of EBC, you can customize your listing with the coolest design templates given, which allow you to add more content as well as images. You can add more benefits to your products and enhance conversions. Purchasers would love to learn more about the item before purchasing it. 

The content offered by EBC is free to use for now, but it is expected that vendors may have to pay for it after a while. Also, you can’t directly access EBC, you must have your brand enrolled in Brand Registry. Make sure it is! 

6. Remember to include the keywords! 

Well you can’t possibly do all the effort and forget about the keywords, can you? You have to create an Amazon product description that connects with your customers and ranks well by following the guidelines above. But keep in mind that the story doesn’t end here! 

Make sure to research high-ranking keywords according to your product and use them while writing your product description. However, don’t overuse the keywords and make sure to keep your product description fresh, and natural. Identify the top 5 keywords and write your bullet points accordingly. This will solve the issue of overloading your Amazon product description with keywords. 

In conclusion, 

By following all the points above, you will be able to get a product description that fulfills the requirement of Amazon and brings more customers. However, the grind doesn’t stop here. After you are done working on your listing and all set to sell, invest in inventory management software, Amazon repricers, and other tools to help you sell better on Amazon and stay competitive. 

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!