What do you know about the Korean entertainment industry?  Do you know BTS?  Or SNSD?  Have you seen any Korean dramas?  Or remember the name of a famous actor?

In addition to Bts, Snsd, Big Bang or Exo music, do you know Korea is a powerhouse in mobile games.  The games ben 10 omniverse, teen titan games, spiderman games or instant gaming are all made in Korea.  Do you know Webtoon is a big Asian comic company and what is Webtoon?  Where does it come from?

Webtoon is a genre of comics on the internet that is loved by many young people.  Webtoon was born a long time ago with the name Manhwa, but in recent years with the development of mobile phones, it has attracted a lot of attention, especially with the young generation Z. And it has become a sensation.  inspiration and theme for many Korean Drama films.  So what is Webtoon?

Meaning of Webtoon

Webtoon is a compound word of the word Web for Internet and Cartoon meaning animation.  Webtoon basically refers to comics posted on the internet, it is a hybrid product between comics and animation.  The Webtoon genre originated in Korea and by 2014 had grown explosively.  Originally the manga posted online in Korea was called Manhwa but later changed to Webtoon.

The content of Webtoon is as rich as comic books, many genres such as comedy, romance, horror, criminal psychology, etc.

Where can you read Korean Webtoons?
1.           Naver Webtoon: Naver Webtoon, one of the first Korean websites, debuted in 2004. Because Naver Webtoon is available in multiple languages, it is labeled differently in different countries.
2.           Manytoon Comics: It is where the majority of Korean webtoons are first published.The best manhwa websites in the world. There are a lot of mature webtoon and you must visit this website.
3.           Manycomic: Manycomic own webtoon platform, which features Korean webtoons and other content.
4.           Toomics: This webtoon is available in English.
5.           Lezhin Comics: the best website for reading manhwa in English.
6. Read Free Comics ( www.readfreecomics.com) : The best manhua and manhwa website you must visit this website.
7. Manhwa.info : the best website for reading manhwa in English.
8.Lightnovel.mobi : The best platform of novel, light novel, graphic novel you should know.
9.Freenovel.me The biggest website includes novel, novel updates, light novel, graphic novel, manhua, manhwa.
10.Webtoon.uk the best webtoon website include manhua, manhwa, korean webtoon.

Korean Webtoon Genres
1.           Romance
This genre frequently depicts stories about two main characters who are attracted to each other. True Beauty, Love Olympus, and Cheese in the Trap are some popular webtoons in this genre.
2.           Horror
The genre is fascinating in the sense that even a webtoon with no animation or sound effects in the movie can be terrifying. Tales of the Unusual and Sweet Home is a horror webcomic that you should read if you enjoy horror. Sweet Home was made into a film, which you can watch on Netflix.
3.           Slice of life
The slice of life genre is usually straightforward, with relevant events and characters. Because readers can relate to it, it naturally becomes popular with a large number of people. My Giant Nerd Boyfriend and Blue Chair are two must-read webtoons in this genre.
4.           Comedy
This genre provides a great deal of entertainment, particularly games that make you laugh out loud. You should look into webtoons like The Adventures of God and The Cursed Princess Club.
5.           Fantasy
The fantasy genre transports you to another world. Tower of God and Noblesse are two shows to watch if you want to escape from reality.

What are the differences between Korean Webtoons and Japanese Manga or Chinese Manhua?

Readers can find entertainment in both Korean webtoons with  Japanese manga and Chinese Manhua. But what distinguishes them? For starters, most Korean webtoons are only available online. This means that there are no prints available. Japanese manga and Manhua, on the other hand, is traditionally printed but has also gradually become available digitally in recent years.
The format in which they are read is one notable distinction between the two. Korean webtoons are read vertically, whereas Japanese manga is read from right to left.

Finally, some Korean webtoons and Japanese manga may be adapted as well. Korean webtoons are typically adapted into Korean dramas or films, whereas manga has its own anime adaptations.

Have you heard of the Korean Webtoon platform or korean light novel ? If not, this article has provided you with the fundamental information you require about this platform. You may have seen the first one on platforms such as Daum Webtoon or Lezhin Comics.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!