Smell is the most underrated sense. A human can detect more than one trillion distinct scents. Each one can trigger an emotion and a memory that lasts for years. 

This is why room scents are so important. If you want to throw a party that your guests will look back on, you need to incorporate the best room scents into it. But there are many different ones to choose from. 

What are the best candles you can buy? What are scent diffusers, and which ones should you choose? How do the best automatic spray devices work? 

Answer these questions and you can leave your home smelling like a rose. Here is your quick guide. 

1. Yankee Candle Discovery Candle 

Yankee Candle is one of the world’s leading candle companies. It’s hard to go wrong with any of their products, but their Discovery candle produces some of the best room scents. 

Discovery combines starfruit, mango, vanilla, and ginger. The fruits are sweet and calming, while the spices add a little kick and authenticity. It is the perfect candle to light in the summer and spring. 

The candle comes in a large glass vessel that has a decorative design on it. You can put it on a shelf or dinner table for others to admire. 

2. Neom Happiness Candle

The Neom Happiness candle combines lemon with mimosa. Mimosa is a flower that grows throughout the United States and East Asia. It has a fruity aroma akin to violet or berries. 

This makes the candle distinct from many others, which rely on lavender. You can put it in the bathroom to mask bad odors, or you can place it in the kitchen. The packaging is simple so you can store it on a shelf easily. 

3. Skandinavisk Skog Candle

As the name suggests, Skandinavisk is a Scandinavian-inspired fragrance company. Their Skog candle has pine and lily-of-the-valley, two classic scents for the holiday season. 

But the candle is not overpowering. It has a sweet and woody essence akin to a small Christmas tree. It also has hints of dark leather, which add to the sweetness. 

The jar for the candle is small and has its own handle. This means you can carry it from room to room or place it on a coffee table alongside mugs. 

4. Esteban Neroli Decorative Scent Diffuser

If you like citrus aromas, you should buy Esteban Neroli’s scent diffuser. It combines several different citrus fruits, including bergamot and neroli. 

This makes for a non-traditional candle. There is no overpowering whiff of orange or grapefruit, unlike in other citrus products. Esteban Naroli also mixes in some jasmine and patchouli, creating woody touches. 

5. Jo Malone Silk Blossom Reed Diffuser 

A reed diffuser is the best room scent diffuser. It has a classy appearance with small pieces of wood extending out of a glass jar. The reeds absorb the fragrance oil, releasing it in small bursts for subtle aromatic touches. 

Jo Malone produces several kinds of reed diffusers. Their silk bottom diffuser is floral and subtle, combining blossom petals with white pepper and apricot. This makes it perfect for crowded rooms and parties. 

6. Dr. Vranjes Rosso Nobile Room Spray

Dr. Vranjes produces higher-end fragrances. Their Rosso Nobile fragrance is available in a diffuser or spray bottle. A spray bottle allows you to target certain sections of a room, making it good for seating arrangements. 

Rosso Nobile contains strong berry and grape aromas, similar to Italian wines. The fragrance oil itself resembles red wine, so you can put the bottle on a shelf near your guests. 

7. Glade Automatic Spray

Glade produces affordable and compact automatic spray devices. If you are new to the room scent plug in, you can buy a starter kit. This lets you control your device on your phone. 

Glade air fresheners are subtle and contain popular scents like lemon and mint. Keep in mind that there are many ways you can distribute your fragrance oil. Learn more before deciding what the best ways to scent a room are. 

8. Pura Smart Home Fragrance

Pura Smart is a competitor to Glade. Their fragrance devices can combine two scents at once, creating a more balanced aromatic experience. 

As with Glade, you can control your Pura Smart device from your phone. You can download an app to set a custom schedule so you can disperse your scents. If you want a less intense scent, you can set that up on your phone. 

9. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Room Freshener

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day is best known for creating household cleaners. But you can buy room fresheners with their aromas as well. 

Lemon verbena is one of their most popular sprays. It is a zesty and energizing scent that can fill an entire room in little time. 

10. Caldrea Lavender Room Spray

Caldrea is another company that produces household cleaners. But you can buy spray bottles that contain the scents in their cleaning products. 

Their lavender room spray is their most traditional spray. It is woody and herbal without being too floral or overpowering. It works well in linen closets and moist areas. 

The Best Room Scents 

Room scents are essential for a comfortable experience at home. The Discovery candle from Yankee Candle combines fruit and spices. 

If you want something a little more subtle, you can go with a scent diffuser. Reeds will allow small amounts of oil to evaporate into the air. The Jo Malone silk blossom diffuser is the best one. 

Automatic devices can administer oils through your phone. You can go with Glade, but you can get a spray bottle as well. Consider Mrs. Meyer’s products. 

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By Hemant Kumar

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