Denver, the beautiful capital city of Colorado, is an American metropolis linked with the Old West era. Every year, thousands of people visit the city to witness the beauty of its culture. Denver is a perfect balance between modern architecture with a subtle hint of cultural beauty. One can visit the breweries or even go on a stroll to visit the museums to experience the surreal magic of the city! Moreover, if you are a solo traveler, and planning to have a magical weekend getaway, then Denver can be a blissful sight for you. 

While we all have come across the joke that the Denver International Airport is situated in its neighboring city Kansas, it is no surprise that it takes long hours to travel there. It makes it challenging to travel downtown as the airport is situated from a long distance. “How do I get from Denver Airport to Downtown?” are some of the questions that stumble upon our minds. But don’t worry about traveling those long distances like Vail or Aspen, as we got you covered! 

If you ever hire a car service from Denver airport to vail or Breckenridge or any ski resort, you might be aware of transportation facilities available. Here are some of the best transport options that will help you move seamlessly from Denver airport to downtown. 

Self-Driving or Private Car Service 

The most convenient and easy way to travel Downtown is by a car service from Denver airport to Breckenridge. There are a few significant roads that will help you travel from Denver airport to Downtown. Exit the airport via Peña Boulevard road that will later merge onto Interstate 70 West. After that, you will arrive at the Interstate 25 South junction that will lead you Downtown. 

For those who have booked cabs or are getting picked up by someone, you need to head towards level 4 of the East terminal sides. After following the arrival signs, the driver of the car would be able to pick you up. 

Sharing Cabs

Lyft and Uber operate the Denver airport, pick up at level 5 on island 5. Passengers requesting boarding for those applications will follow low-level departure signals and exit the terminal via doors 506-510 on the west side or 507-511 on the east side. That is level 5 next to the freight request, then you will go out to gate 5 to meet your driver. 

Officials say you have to wait to request a ride until you have applied for your luggage or you have reached level five. You can also book various luxurious limo services. This luxurious fleet provides luxury with large space accommodation. 

Public Transit

If you want to save those extra bucks and don’t know driving, then public transit is the right choice for you. You can travel from Denver airport to Downtown via an A-line commuter. It merely takes 37-minutes to arrive at your destination. 

For booking the tickets, you can visit the ticket machines at the stations or use the RTD app. The tickets cost $10.50, which is affordable and can help people travel conveniently. You can catch a bus as well which will directly help you reach Colorado.

By Hemant Kumar

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