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According to forecasters, the home improvement craze is set to continue well into 2021, especially when it comes to storage improvements, interior revamps and renovating outdoor spaces.

Are you one of the homeowners who are on board with upgrading their outdoor areas? In that case, you’re probably interested in some tips for picking the right patio doors to complement your efforts.

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1. Budget Considerations 

Do some research on the various types of sliding doors, and set aside some money in your budget for this addition. Remember, if you aren’t going to DIY your sliding door installation, you’ll need to pay a contractor for installing sliding doors. 

If you run out of funds before you get around to putting your doors in place, you’ll end up with a gaping hole in your wall, and a serious security problem.

2. Size Counts

The purpose of your patio determines its size. You’ll need a larger space if you intend to use it for entertaining or outdoor cooking. A larger patio demands bigger doors that allow for a free flow of traffic in and out.

Wider doors mean your guests can socialize across the threshold too. 

Doors for patios come in standard as well as custom sizes, so you can choose the perfect one to match your patio. Chat to your patio door provider about your intentions, so they can advise you on a suitable patio door size. 

3. Your Home’s Layout

Although you probably associate a sliding door with your exterior spaces, they also impact the room on the other side of them. You need to free up space on the inside of your door, so people can walk through it.

In this respect, sliding glass doors are less intrusive than French doors, since they slide out of the way. Make sure you choose a door that fits the interior design of your home as well as the interior space available. 

4. Sliding Door Designs

Sliding door designs depend mainly on the materials they’re made from. Patios must stand up to the elements, and the materials you choose may also affect their energy efficiency as well as their appearance. 

The materials you choose will also affect how much it costs to repair or replace your sliding glass door

Real wood looks great, but it’s vulnerable to environmental exposure and requires a lot of ongoing maintenance. Most metals offer excellent durability if they’re treated against corrosion. 

Vinyl is a popular choice when it comes to durability, energy efficiency, and versatility. 

5. Glass for Energy Efficiency

Choosing energy-efficient glass for your sliding door is an expensive option. Yet, it can help regulate the temperature inside your home and reduce your heating and cooling bills. 

Glass film and double glazing are the best options for increasing the energy efficiency of your sliding door.

What’s Next After Choosing Sliding Patio Doors?

All renovation options come with exciting options to improve the comfort and convenience of your home.

So, the fun continues once you’ve come to grips with choosing sliding patio doors. You can still debate the merits of various types of paving, outdoor cooking options, decor, and outdoor furniture.

Would you like some more inspiration to fuel your newfound home renovation interests? Browse our blog for all the best home improvement how-tos and tips. 

By Hemant Kumar

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