It is no surprise that comedy is one of the most popular movie genres out there. There’s nothing quite like sticking on some light entertainment and having a chuckle at your TV screen, a great way to cheer anyone up. The best way to enjoy a comedy film is on a large TV screen, you may even feel as though you are at the movie theater. Click here for TV aerial installation glasgow. However, without further ado, let’s put our knowledge to your assistance so that you can avoid scrolling endlessly through streaming platforms to find the most comical movies. Here are, in our opinion, six of the best.  

The Hangover  

If you haven’t heard of the hilarious trio Phil, Stu, and Alan, then where have you been? The popularity and success of the first Hangover film led to a further two films, making it a trilogy, so be sure to check them out too! However, reverting to the original, a group of friends hit up Sin City, lose their friend, (who also happens to be getting married in a few days) and run into a series of illegal and explicit problems. What could be more entertaining than that? Especially in the whimsical world of Vegas! We aren’t entirely sure if you will even stop laughing at this film throughout its duration! Whether it be Alan strutting around in a man purse (sorry, a satchel), a tiger chasing the guy’s around the hotel room, or Stu realizing that he has lost a tooth, there are so many iconic scenes within this comedy movie that will be sure to have you laughing for days.  

What Happens in Vegas 

Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher are the epitome of competition within this hilarious comedy film as they display possibly the worst matched couple in history. After hitting up Las Vegas with their friends, the pair are complete strangers before they, uh, tie the knot on a drunken night out? Oh, and things take a slightly more complicated turn when they hit the jackpot and the only way they can split the earnings is if they attempt marriage! This film is full of ups and downs and the sabotaging that takes place between the two opposites is hysterical.  

School of Rock 

If you are a Jack Black fan, the School of Rock is sure to have been on your watch list already. Although, if you haven’t seen it and would like to see Black create a rock band with a group of immature school kids, then it’s the perfect watch! It isn’t as creepy as it sounds, we swear! When Black’s character Dewey finds himself in a sticky financial situation, he decides to impersonate his former roommate by becoming a substitute teacher. Although the only problem is, he can’t teach! But, by using his musical genius skills he turns the students into a rock band on the sly, as he plans on entering them in a Battle of the Bands competition. With a young and extremely intelligent Miranda Cosgrove as the band’s manager, what could potentially go wrong!? 

Mr. Beans Holiday

Rowan Atkinson as the famous and iconic Mr. Bean is always a great idea, after all, he has kept us laughing all of these years! Mr. Bean’s holiday features the immature and confused character himself, as he embarks on a trip to Cannes, France. Put it this way, as imagined, events go terribly wrong from the moment he steps foot on the train and ends up looking after a random guy’s young son. Or wait, is he looking after Mr. Bean? Although he does not say much, his actions, including dumping snails into a women’s bag in an extraordinarily posh restaurant, are sure to have you laughing endlessly in this 2007 classic British film.  


Imagine Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen as a happy couple with their first child, they have just settled down with one another in their new home within the perfect neighbourhood. Although they are slightly upset about leaving their party life behind, they are enamored with their young daughter Stella, she is their future. Now, to throw a spanner in the works. The producers of this hilarious comedy movie thought, let’s place a fraternity house next door involving Zac Efron, Dave Franco, and Christopher Mintz as college boys who party all day and all night long. You can probably already imagine how this sabotaging feud goes between the two households, so be sure to tune in for some comedy gold. Click here to learn more.

Get Hard 

Two names. Will Ferrell. Kevin Hart. Shall we say anymore? You already know this comedy movie is going to be a good one! When Ferrell’s character James King is framed for a crime he did not commit, he panics knowing that he will never be able to survive within a state prison. He decides to resort to car wash business owner, Darnell (Hart), to seek help, assuming that he has been incarcerated before. Confused, Darnell sees this opportunity as a money-making scheme to fund his daughter’s future and puts him through training. Watching this hilarious duo act out what life will be like in prison, evidentially exaggerated majorly, is very entertaining if we do say so ourselves!

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