Gurgaon is one of the fastest-growing coworking hubs in India. The coworking spaces in the city are teeming with startups, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, and established MNCs. Needless to say, the collaborative environment of shared offices gives momentum to your growth and entrepreneurial journey.  

Working from a place filled with people, buzz, and never-ending activities can be a little challenging, though. When working from coworking space in Gurgaon, you must learn three things – how to increase your productivity, how to stay focused, and how to make the most of the facilities and networking opportunities it offers. 

Given below are the top 7 work life hacks to know while working in a coworking office in Gurgaon. 

  1. Socialize and Make Connections

Community is at the heart of all coworking spaces, and your shared office space in Gurgaon is no exception to this. To reap the benefits of its collaborative environment, you must take time to socialize with other members of the coworking community.

However, you must ensure that you are not being carried away by excessive socialization. The key here is to socialize judiciously and engage in enriching interactions. Socialize judiciously so that your productivity is not affected. 

  1. Use the Space to Increase Agility 

A top feature of a coworking office is its agile work environment. Typically, a shared office comprises diverse zones, such as designated desks, common work areas, private corners, meeting rooms, spaces for video calls, lounges, breakout zones, and the like. It is in your best interest to use these spaces to enhance your agility and productivity. 

While working from coworking spaces in Gurgaon, switch areas based on the type and intensity of your work. For instance, you can use open workstations or common work areas while doing regular tasks and switch to a quiet corner for more focused work or make use of meeting rooms while having confidential calls or meetings. 

  1. Make the Most of Flexibility 

Workplace flexibility is the most notable benefit of coworking in Gurgaon or any other city in the country. Here’s one of the must-follow work life hacks – tap into the flexibility offered by your shared office to increase your productivity and achieve a better work-life balance.

Why stick to a 9 to 5 work schedule when you can plan your workday around your most productive hours? Most coworking operators offer fixed passes, hot desking, Flexi passes, and pay-as-you-use plans. Whether you want to start your day early, reach the office late, or use the office only a few days of the week, all you need to do is to choose a plan that suits you. 

  1. Attend Events 

All reputed coworking operators in the city conduct regular events, both online and offline, such as entrepreneur workshops, training sessions, startup incubator events, networking galas, and the like. Attend these events to connect with the business community in Gurgaon and widen your professional networks. 

Such events in your coworking office for rent in Gurgaon also serve as platforms to meet mentors, business coaches, collaborators, and potential investors. You can also use these events to gain access to resources and increase your funding prospects. 

  1. Plan Your Day and Take Regular Breaks 

It might sound obvious to you, but let us say it again – take regular breaks to maximize your productivity. When you are in an office filled with lots of buzz and activities, it is natural to feel the urge to keep working. It, however, could be counterproductive and might burn you out. 

The coworking spaces in Gurgaon come equipped with designated zones for recreation, such as break-out areas, game zone, fitness rooms, and the like. Plan your day such that there is ample time for recreation. You can also use this time to hang out in common areas and connect with other members.

  1. Keep Your Desk Clutter-Free 

A coworking office is different from a conventional office in many ways. To begin with, shared offices typically won’t have closed cabins, cubicles, or partitions but follow the open floor plan. Working from open workstations requires you to be more organized lest you end in total chaos. 

One of the best ways to stay focused in a coworking office is to de-clutter your desk – it will help you and others. You can also consider personalizing your desks to increase the sense of individuality and belonging. 

  1. Practice Accountability 

Though flexibility is integral to coworking, it could turn into an Achilles’ heel if you are not self-motivated. You might end up spending the whole day socializing or listening to the conversations and discussions around you. One of the most important hacks for people working from coworking spaces is to practice accountability. 

Make a plan for your workday and track the time you spend working, networking, taking coffee breaks, etc. If you are easily distracted by the conversations around you, use noise-canceling headphones. Also, use apps to create to-do lists, manage time, and gauge your productivity. 

To Sum It Up 

There’s no denying that a shared office for rent in Gurgaon is the ideal office space solution for entrepreneurs and startups looking for a productive work environment. But remember, you must have good planning, accountability, and discipline to enjoy the benefits offered by coworking spaces.

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By Hemant Kumar

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