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Winter is near, but have you planned for the season? In addition to checking your home heating system and purchasing warm clothes for the cold season, you should think about the fun activities that will keep your family involved this winter. Unlike summer times when you can go fishing, visit the beach, go hiking or simply relax at the family pool, choosing outdoor activities to do in the winter can be challenging, especially if you have young kids. Due to the short days and cold weather, people get tempted into unhealthy habits, like spending too much time in bed or too much screen time. To help you avoid such habits, we have compiled a list of some healthy, fun winter activities that can help the family kill the boredom this winter. Read on to learn more.

Top Outdoor Winter Activities for Family

The cold winter weather can make you stay indoors for the whole day, but if you come up with ways to make the outdoors cosy, everyone will be ready to join you. For a successful winter bonfire, you should wear a warm and waterproof outfit or camping outfit like the ones sold here to avoid hypothermia and frostbite. Having a thermos full of your favourite hot beverage will also help you stay outdoors for several hours.

Go for a Snowy Hike

Though hiking in the snow can be more challenging, it can be a perfect outdoor activity for the family if you live near a park. The sight of trees covered in snow and the challenge of finding the routes without a trail adds a unique twist to the hike, plus you may have additional fun activities along the way, like playing with snowballs. Don’t forget to carry a sledge if there is a steep descent along the hiking trail. Also, remember to wear the right winter hiking outfit, like waterproof jackets and waterproof trousers.

Organise a Scavenger Hunt

For a family with kids, a nature-themed scavenger hunt can help you get everyone out of the house and interact with their surroundings while learning more about the environment. For example, having the kids check off every plant, animal and insect they see along the way is a perfect way to teach them more about various plants and animals in your neighbourhood. You can also collect some items that you can use for another winter activity, like wood barks and pebbles for a DIY decoration project.

Go for a Sleigh Ride

Though you may not ride your bike or go swimming during winter, there are other numerous fun activities that you can only do at this time. For example, winter is the only time you can experience a horse-drawn sleigh ride.

Build an Igloo

Building a snow igloo as a family is a perfect bonding experience, plus you will help develop your kid’s creativity. Also, since you are out for fun, you can have breaks with snowball fights and any other snow activities. Ensure that you have worn gloves as you will frequently be touching snow.

Ice Skate Outdoors

If there is a frozen pond or lake nearby, you can go ice skating as a family. Everyone will be excited to learn a new skill, meaning there will be no time for electronic gadgets. Such experiences will also help you build unforgettable memories, plus you can show off your skills and earn the “cool parent” title.

Parting Words

Though we don’t consider winter a fun season, there are many ways we can make it enjoyable without spending too much money. The outdoor winter activities above will help you eliminate boredom and have fun this winter. I hope you will try them!

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