How do blisters form?

A blister is formed when a small blood vessel inside the skin bulges out due to the pressure of the skin. The skin gets very warm, and a narrow band of fluid (venous lumps) forms around the bulge. This narrow band of fluid will thicken over time as more blood is put into it, and this is what causes the blisters.

Prevention of blisters on your feet needs you to know what to expect from preventing them in the first place. First, you need to know the three basic things that cause friction between your feet and footwear. Our feet have about 2021 muscles that are connected to a lot more than just two feet. This means that if one action or part of our body is off-balance, the whole system is affected. These three things that cause friction between our feet and footwear are:

Tips to Prevent Feet Blisters

Develop Your Calf Strength

When we walk, our calf strength can affect how smoothly we move forward. Learning how to prevent blisters starts with improving your calf strength. Try walking barefoot or with a soft pad on your foot, or take up an exercise like Yoga that increases the strength in your calf muscles.

Avoid wearing tight-fitting shoes and use more comfortable, breathable shoes

Another common cause of blister formation is when we’re wearing tight-fitting shoes. Not only does walking in shoes with high heels cause extreme tension on the ball of the foot, but it also causes the foot to roll in the direction of gravity. Our foot’s role to allow the force of the weight of our body against it, combined with the constant inward rotation of our ankle, to wear our nerves. This continuous compression on the nerves causes the pressure that causes blisters, and the best way to prevent blister formation is to avoid wearing tight-fitting shoes, and use more comfortable, breathable shoes.

Take necessary medications to alleviate the pain

All blisters are painful, but the pain increases as the day passes and the intensity of the irritation increases. If you have severe foot pain, look at what may be causing it. You may not need to take extra medication. Perhaps you can improve your foot pain by changing your footwear or perhaps by finding an alternative to foot pain.

Find wool socks that are naturally insulating so that your feet will stay warm

Your feet are better protected from extreme temperatures when wearing wool socks. A good pair of wool socks will also help keep moisture away, which is important because feet tend to retain more moisture than any other part of the body. The best thing about wool socks is that they are naturally insulating, which helps keep you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. If you have to wear a wool sock during the winter, buy a pair with a double-thick layer of wool to make sure that you will stay warm.

See a podiatrist to determine your best course of action for your specific condition

If your feet are hurting, you should see a podiatrist. He or she will be able to recommend a variety of treatment options, including inserts for your shoes, arch supports, and orthotics. Your podiatrist is best able to determine what your best course of action is for your specific condition, and he or she may even be able to give you some hints for how to prevent the condition in the future.

 Get into the habit of properly fitting shoes and socks

Preventing blisters takes a little work on your part, but it’s well worth the effort if you want to avoid foot pain. When you exercise regularly and carefully get into the habit of properly fitting shoes and socks, you can prevent a lot of the friction that causes blisters. This will help keep the area around the blisters clean and free of friction. This will also help you avoid having the blisters pop up at the worst possible times. Follow these Top tips for preventing blisters, and you’ll be much happier with the results. You may also visit Blister Prevention for more information and treatments for blisters. 

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