For any organization to thrive, it must take certain steps or strategies. They may include hiring competent and skilled people who complement the company’s goals, emphasizing teamwork among managers and other workers, finding different ways to motivate the staff, and training and developing employees. The success of a firm depends on the achievements of each employee. Therefore, all organizations must ensure that every worker does his or her best. One way to do so is by organizing training and development seminars for both staff and executives. Investing in quality training and development enhances employees’ confidence, motivation, and morale; reduces absenteeism and turnover; increases the quality and productivity of workers; and heightens their performance.

Training and development improve the performance of teams but differ in aims and the ways to achieve them. According to Nda and Fard, “Training is the organized way in which organizations provide development and enhance the quality of new and existing employees”. Training equips people with new information, methods, and systems that fortify their existing skills. It involves the activities organized by a company to build and grow the skills and knowledge of its staff members. Development, on the other hand, is the sum of all “activities leading to the acquisition of new knowledge or skills for purposes of growing”. Development is aimed at building the capacity of employees to benefit their organization. While training is a short-term process carried out to provide additional skills to employees, the purpose of development is to improve an individual’s total personality; and it is a lifetime process. Both processes are conducted to improve the performance of teams and people in an organization but achieve their aims differently.

Training and development are essential processes, which provide firms with multiple benefits, for example, increasing the confidence, motivation, and morale of workers. Not all organizations offer training and development programs. When a company provides its staff with such opportunities, it offers them an advantage over the employees of other firms. Accordingly, such a policy makes workers feel valued by their employer. Consequently, they develop morale in their work. The training also offers them a sense of confidence in their skills and knowledge, which motivates them to put more effort into their work. Therefore, the confidence, motivation, and morale of employees increase through training and development.

Training and development programs reduce absenteeism and turnover by promoting a sense of job security and satisfaction to employees. According to Queen, “disengaged employees are 12 times more likely to leave than engaged employees.” Thus, staff members must be engaged; and one way to do so is to offer training and development opportunities to them. Taking such steps increases their satisfaction and interest in their jobs. It also gives employees a sense of job security, making them focused on their work entirely. As a result, the training and development offered by organizations lead to a reduction in both employee absenteeism and turnover.

Training and development in organizations enhance workers’ quality and productivity. The programs address different employee weaknesses and improve the workplace skills. Whereas training equips and improves the skills needed to be strengthened in every worker, development “brings all employees to a higher level so they all have similar skills and knowledge”. Success in modern world organizations depends on the types of technology used, which are mostly operated by humans. Training updates staff members with the latest forms of technology and teaches them how to effectively and efficiently operate them. The increase in knowledge and development of new skills enhances the productivity and efficiency of every employee individually and as a team. One of the examples that can be used to prove this theory is ongoing education and training of expert writers working for essay writing service. When you need to hire someone to write your essays from time to time, you want trained authors and well-educated editors to do the job. Online services are rather popular, but only those who both hire and train experts stand out among other academic help websites. The flow of students willing to entrust these specialists with their papers allows the service to invest even more in additional training.

Training and development heighten employee performance. This aspect encompasses all the previously discussed benefits, and it “can be demonstrated in the improvement of production, easiness in utilizing new technology, or being a highly motivated individual”. A trained and developed worker understands the job industry and responsibilities. He or she becomes conversant with the technology used, skills, and procedures that enhance the quality and productivity of the services provided or goods produced. All these qualities build this particular employee’s confidence, which drives him or her to develop new ideas and strategies that will help improve performance. According to Frost, “Employees who are competent and on top of changing industry standards help your company hold a position as a leader and strong competitor within the industry.” Other performance benefits of training and development include reduced directions and supervision, increased observance to quality standards, building team spirit, and employee empowerment. Thus, continuous training of employees makes them better performers at their jobs, and this improvement benefits the organization.

When an organization invests in employee training and development, it significantly benefits because these programs boost the confidence, motivation, and morale of the workers; reduce employee absenteeism and turnover; promote workers’ quality and productivity; and increase staff performance. While training involves short-term programs aimed at equipping workers with additional skills to improve their performance, development is a continuous course that builds employees’ capacities. Although most benefits achieved through training and development lead to the enhancement of overall employee performance, each is crucial in the success of an organization. Employers should invest in employee training and development because the success of a firm depends on the sum of all employees’ achievements.

By Hemant Kumar

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