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In an age of social media, where users are accustomed to putting everything on social media, maintaining your security is a challenging task. The sensitive information of social media users is vulnerable to the risk of cyberattacks or data breaches. In most cases, unconsciously putting identity documents on social platforms can facilitate fraudsters in their activities. Just think for a moment “your” information being used against you, sounds funny? But it does not remain funny when an imposter makes you experience an unfortunate event. Seeing an increasing number of identity frauds and illegal activities being performed by stealing someone else’s information from their documents, regulatory authorities developed document verification services for businesses to abide by. 

When stealing information from the carelessness of the users, fraudsters must be caught by entities where it is presented. Businesses must be efficient enough to catch fraudsters that fake their identity to hide behind someone else’s identity. Document verification services verify customers based on government-issued ID documents like passports, driving licenses, and ID cards. In an official world, where your documents speak everything about your identity, verifying them must include efficient tools to provide accurate results. 

Traditional Vs Advanced Verification Checks 

Traditional ID document verification services used to be very tedious and time-consuming. Customers have to carry documents to financial or business institutions where the employees would take days to process the verification. Due to the involvement of the human resources, possibilities of inaccurate results were there. But as the technology progressed, businesses have automized their working behaviors. Now verifying documents is an entirely digital process that has faded the idea of taking your documents everywhere you go. 

What is Document Verification? 

As mentioned earlier, verification of documents reflects the methods that prove that the document presented is genuine and the individual claiming it is its real owner. At the time of customer onboarding, businesses require customers to upload their ID document, the software fetches information from the document and analyzes the document for its originality. Once the ID document verification process completes, results are delivered to customers. 

  1. Fraudulent Documents

Fraudsters have become efficient in their proceedings. They do not work in straight ways rather they prefer mosaic patterns to fool the security checks. Cybercriminals sometimes mold the original document, sometimes they create fake documents with genuine information and they also steal customers’ original documents. Let’s put a detailed light on how they create or use documents in their favor:

  1. False Documents 

The easiest way to commit document fraud is by stealing someone’s documents. False documents are the physically stolen documents that fraudsters use to bypass documents verification. 

  1. Illegitimate Documents 

Asverifyarestealing the name indicates, illegitimate documents are completely false documents that do not match the standards of original documents. 

  1. Modified Documents 

These are the altered documents that possess the modified information. Fraudsters alter the information in a way that becomes difficult for the human eye to detect. But the AI-powered document verification services are efficient enough to uncover modified details.

Document Verification Checks 

Artificial intelligent document verification software processes the document for a variety of checks to authenticate its originality. Following are some of the checks performed on a document:

  1. Authenticity Check 

Verification software makes sure that the document submitted is authentic and original. 

  1. Format 

AI and machine learning can check the format of the documents. The layout is a significant aspect to inspect the originality of documents, hence it is performed while verifying documents. 

  1. Holograms 

Government-issued ID documents contain special holograms or rainbows to confront fraud. The increased prevalence of document frauds made the officials design documents that are made up of special inks and paper. ID document verification services check the presence of holograms while verifying official documents. 

  1. Crumpled / Folded Corner Check 

Along with dormant, authenticity, and holograms digital identity verification services authenticate the folded corners of the documents that may be a cause for the document frauds. 

  1. Detecting Signs Of Forgery 

AI-powered and machine learning detects the signs of forgery and tempered documents. Even the slightest change in pixels can be caught by the document verification services. 


Document verification services are employed by many industries to eradicate document fraud. Identity thefts and fraudulent transactions can be controlled if businesses utilize digital verification solutions effectively. From verifying their documents manually to availing the service online, customers’ experience can be enhanced. By utilizing AI-powered document verification services businesses can ensure their security and protect their customers’ sensitive data.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!