Everyone wants to do the best for their surroundings, and when it comes to choosing the material for maintaining the driveways, one needs to be highly aware of buying the best quality materials. No matter how many options are available currently in the market, there is an inclination towards concrete-based choices when it comes to taking care of driveways. Ample reasons are there for such likeliness like highly durable, easier to maintain, and the aesthetic appearance. However, under this preference of concrete driveways, several subheads are now available for the suitability of the buyers. The good news is you shouldn’t need a full driveway replacement as often as using other driveway materials since damaged areas can be fixed more easily than asphalt or concrete.

Varieties Of Concrete Trending Nowadays

Not everyone will have the exact liking while selecting the flooring type. Some people prefer modern aesthetics, while others like to stick with the rigidity of traditional material. The following list will help to narrow the options and buy the best among the plenty varieties.

  • Poured Concrete- This is is one of the most commonly used concrete types in case of maintainin driveways. Its unmatchable durability is the highlighting feature that makes people select this plain-looking option despite the elegant contemporary options. Poured concrete driveways are immensely popular as they are hardwearing for long-run use and easy to maintain in daily life. Though these may come a little pricey at the initial buying stage, negligible expenses on its upkeep make it a cheaper material for the times to come.
  • Interlocking Pavers- One can pick a fancy cut shape paver to lay down an attractive path. In this technique, single pieces are fitted into each other interestingly to give a catchy designed look. The added advantage here is that interlocked concrete driveways can endure pressure way more than the poured type. Moreover, the interlocking pavers  are tougher and long-lasting. However, one must not forget to get a solid base beforehand, and else it will be a fruitless effort.
  • Stencilled Concrete- Those who want to get results of their style may find stencils fascinating. There are many collections from which the purchaser can pick the catchiest design to have a visually attractive path. It is pertinent to mention that the stenciled method requires an outstanding level of proficiency in the workers. Hence, hire only a well-trained staff with exceptional skills and ample experience in laying concrete driveways for wowing precision.
  • Exposed Aggregate- It is one of the most colorful and full of character materials available in the market. The name itself implies the combination of several elements exposed as the top layer in the end. The presence of pebbles, shells, stones, cobbles, and other refined things make this concrete a beautiful delight to look at. Covering it up with a layer of sand may even enrich the visual appearance. Its non-slipping surface and low-maintenance needs are the prime benefits people admire. The availability of plenty of designs is indeed a bonus.
  • Tar And Chip- Instead of asphalt concrete driveways, buyers may find chip sealed a better alternative. It is a more cost-effective substitute than the asphalt one. The only downside can be that it may not give a very polishing surface as other materials. However, low cost and no maintenance are the clear-cut winning points. And if one is the admirer of a rustic look, then chip sealed concrete is the ideal option to go along.


It is a very crucial decision, and everyone must take it seriously if there is the need to keep the concrete driveways cleaner . This is a very heavy expense that cannot be reversed without additional costs. Initial cost, upkeep efforts, approximate lifespan, and skill of the installers are some of the key factors one must take into account. Hence, always be wise, weigh the pros and cons, and decide the best material for spectacular concrete driveways.

By Hemant Kumar

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