Wooden puzzle from UGears are the ideal way for people of all ages to be creatively occupied, challenged, and have fun at home. Kits consist of laser-cut prefabricated components manufactured according to a patented process, and they can be easily assembled.

After the introduction of the first products almost seven years ago, the special and progressive offer of UGears already consists of over 90 different models. Whether it is a Truck, Hurdy Gurdy, or Treasure Box  the range of UGears 3d puzzles includes various model kits of different levels of difficulty.

Beginners should start with the 190-piece Treasure Box, a model of real safe with a combination lock that can be opened with a secret number combination of three digits. 

Advanced users can venture to assemble

Hurdy Gurdy, which implies 290 components to be assembled. For Hurdy-Gurdy, developers took inspiration from medieval designs and complemented them with 21st-century technical achievements.

Why UGears Wooden Model Kits for Adults? 

  • The parts are easy to put together kits do not require glue or additional tools.
  • Movable  every item is a self-propelled moving model.
  • Appealing gift idea  3d wooden puzzles for adults are especially appealing to younger people
  • Enhance your own space  every UGears mechanical model is a beautiful piece of decoration for trophy display. It conjures up a little magic in any room or office.
  • Eco-friendly  all UGears wooden model kits for adults were manufactured of high-quality environmentally neutral plywood.
  • Clear guidelines  step-by-step fully-colored instructions in several most used languages.

Mechanical Puzzles

After successful assembly, all wooden puzzles produce a mechanical movement or are self-propelled. The streetcar model with retro flair can be set in motion by operating a cogwheel. Each model surprises with one or more extra functions. Behind UGears is a young team that develops and produces 3d puzzles for adults with a lot of love, precision, and creativity. 

By Hemant Kumar

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