When hosting webinars, you can have two options – do it live or record and schedule it for viewers to watch during their free time.

Hosting live webinars is exciting, but it can also be too challenging if you do not have time. This is exactly where automated webinar hosting comes in handy.

Automated webinars are webinar sessions on autopilot. They are otherwise known as on-demand webinars or evergreen webinars. They can be set up in advance without adding a host. This is done by automating when videos should play during the webinars or when the automated webinars should start and end.

Take note though that automation can be added to live webinars, too. They are the predetermined actions that start simultaneously. Examples are starting and ending a live webinar and redirecting viewers to a new page.

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Webinar Actions You Can Automate

Automated webinars have automation rules that are predetermined by the webinar’s host. Generally, these rules determine when the automation happens throughout the webinar.

Here are some of the webinar actions you can automate, depending on the capabilities of the webinar platform you choose:

Start webinars

The start automation triggers the webinar to start at a predetermined date and time. The online events will begin without you doing any extra action.

End webinars

The end webinar automation allows the webinar to end without any prompting from the host.

Play a video

The play video automation triggers the webinar video or any other media to be played during the recorded webinars. Most webinar platforms can play several videos in a single webinar.

Send a poll

Automated webinars can use polls to gauge the opinion of attendees on different topics. Polls are an excellent way to engage audiences, and the information gathered from them can be beneficial later on.

Redirect to a page

This form of automation will redirect attendees to a selected landing page at the end of the automated webinar. Page redirects are beneficial for sales demos.

Once the automated webinar ends, sales representatives can automate redirects to guide audiences to a registration page, a discount code, or a pricing page. Webinar attendees can also be redirected to helpful content like infographics and web books. For education institutions, they can employ page redirects to quiz or assess students.


Similar to playing videos, this automation will show the audience a presentation once a trigger has been activated. The best webinar platforms can also automate when the slides should change during the presentation.

Send a CTA

Call To Actions or CTAs will prompt response to webinar attendees. They can be automated to happen during live and automated webinars. For instance, a “Buy it now” CTA can be programmed to pop up during the webinar replay when the price of the service or product is revealed.

Choosing Automated Webinar Software

With plenty of webinar software platforms today, picking out what to use can be challenging. Here are all the features to look for in automated webinar software:

Put webinars on autopilot

  • Start and stop on demand – Begin or end online meetings and events at a predetermined time.
  • Streamline the process – Automate reminder emails to ensure that all attendees are in the webinar room.
  • Share media – Play videos or share presentations during the webinar.

Spark engagement

  • Drive conversions – Send CTAs or add content during your automated webinars.
  • Gather feedback – Send polls to viewers to gather insights that you can analyze later.
  • Start instantly – It only takes a few minutes to create automated webinars with the best automated webinar software. You can use webinar tools or built-in key features to create engaging webinars.

Track and optimize

  • Add integrations – Customize your webinars by adding essential integrations to build the perfect webinar tool.
  • Track analytics – Choose an automated webinar platform that offers an analytics dashboard that you can easily track.

In addition, choose an automated webinar service that has an extensive help library full of detailed explanations and videos. This way, you can learn everything you should know in creating an evergreen webinar in a breeze.

Reasons to Automate Webinars

  • Schedule webinar at a preferred time.
  • You can use them repeatedly.
  • They don’t require supervision.
  • You can polish automated webinars to perfection.
  • Add automated webinars to your sales funnel.
  • You can only record once but monetize infinitely.

With automated webinars, you can grab viewers’ attention with customized promotion options, such as email follow-ups or registration forms. Let your online events stand out by polishing them to perfection before uploading them and building an automated webinar timeline. Upload a video file, add your branding, or include an invitation to your automated event for a more nurturing experience.

Whether you want to automate your lead generation, online courses, or onboarding and training sessions for employees, automated webinars are definitely your dream tool. Explore the different automated webinar platforms available in the market, choose what suits your business, and start automating your webinars today!

By Hemant Kumar

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