To be able to decorate a home the way you visualize it can be a massive feat. It involves all the areas, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living space, etc. And if you have any particular preference, it can be essential for you to justify your theme. For example, you can love wood for its warmth and natural feel. When you place it in any corner, it becomes a center of focus, among other elements. That’s because of its inherent rich vibe. Still, it may take some effort and planning to integrate them into contemporary or colorful interiors. The vintage and heirloom pieces can especially be challenging to deal with in such an ambiance.

However, if you cannot imagine your home without wood furniture, try to create a visual balance whether you use dressers, cabinets, dining tables, or something else. Try to align them with the existing interior scheme through styles, textures, and colors. Here are some suggestions to help you apply old wood furniture in an updated room.

Make use of old furniture for unique purposes

Creative thinking can solve any puzzle, regardless of the situation. For example, suppose your fully furnished bedroom doesn’t have more space for an extra wood dresser, but you want to fit it somehow. An easy way to achieve this is to use the additional wood dresser to serve beverages. If you like to take a drink at night, it can house a few bottles and glassware. The same thing can find its place in a dining room for dishware, in the living room as a side table, or the entryway as a drop zone. Make sure it doesn’t look out of place in the chosen surroundings.

Mix wood furniture with vintage pieces

Some people enjoy a touch of vintage or antique charm in their homes. They don’t mind if they can implement this only through a single piece of furniture. Do you also belong to that category? Well, whether your home is modern or contemporary, you can introduce a dash of old vibe through the antique or stylish wooden item. For example, if you have a rustic dining table, you can set it up with modern aluminum chairs. The contrasting impact can create a fantastic visual treat for everyone. Or, you can strategically place an inherited cabinet in the dining room to display your expensive dishware.

To be precise, you can use wood furniture from different eras to build a unique décor style in your home. The antique feel will help bring all the elements together. Hence, you can embark on this creative journey stress-free.

Work with dark-colored wood furniture

You need to know those dark wood items may not look great in the stark white background. Instead, you can paint your walls with light and airy paint colors. For inspiration, you can check the combination of charcoal gray walls and dark cherry wood furniture. Since too much dark furniture can negatively affect you, you can use white as an accent to eliminate the risk.

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Combine accent pieces and wood furniture with similar undertones

You get various wood finishes, including yellow, orange, red, dark brown, blue-gray, red, etc. You can decorate an area with a piece of wood furniture and accents in similar undertones, but the finish can be lighter or darker. But if the wall color is neutral, infusing natural materials become easy. For example, imagine your bathroom in soft pink. Toilet can be white, and vanity can be a bulky table in muted brown-yellow. Now, when decorating with and installing a quality sink, you can look for something that vibes perfectly. With this, white and beige porcelain or ceramic bowls can be an excellent match. You can also search glass options once.

Bring together wood furniture and painted items

Do you want to give your bedroom a taste of dark wood furniture? The idea can be great, but you have to be careful about coordination. If you try to add too many wooden items in darker shades of cherry or walnut, the room can lose its breeziness, looking busy and heavy. To be precise, you may have an entire wooden bedroom set, but you don’t have to put everything in one place. The bedroom would look beautiful and carry the sign of legacy even through one piece of furniture: a bed, a dresser, or something else.

You can enhance the overall feel of the ambiance by adding painted decorative items, such as wall art, a vase, etc. Even metal finishes can also be magical.

Use accents on wood furniture

When you add wood to your décor through anything, you may want to give it a touch of your personality. There are multiple ways to ensure this. You can spread a colorful and textured runner on your wood table, for instance. If you have a wooden bed, the wall behind it can bear elegant wall art. Then, you can also accessorize the look with planters, vases, lamps, etc. In essence, you don’t have to worry about cheering up the wood furniture look.

Things to consider

Various factors can dictate your love for using wood furniture. One of them can be the warmth it gets from being a part of nature. If this is the main reason for considering wood furniture, you can explore and extend the choices in this direction when decorating your home. Think of the effect of natural light, for instance. If you have a budget and space, you can build a glass panel window in the living room overlooking your garden area. From there, you can soak in the beautiful views of the sun. To avoid too much light during the day, you can cover the window with light curtains.

The best thing about home decoration is you can try multiple things and experience their impact on the ambiance. When you successfully create an environment, you can bask in it and feel more at peace. After all, the home is the only place where you can forget about your stress and relax. It envelops you with a sense of calmness and energy too.

By Hemant Kumar

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