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Did you know that swimming is the fourth most popular activity in the country? It provides exercise which is known to improve overall health and wellness. That increases by having access to a pool every day!

Plus, pools add an extra touch of magic to backyard sanctuaries. If you’ve been thinking about getting a pool installed in your home, now is the perfect time to learn about the latest top picks in the industry. Create your own poolside memories with these four creative dream pool ideas below. 

1. Water Features

Jumpstart your dream home pool wishlist with one that has water features. You can create a magical backyard with a waterfall that flows into the pool. Or try bubblers or a “lazy river” design that winds around your yard past islands to a pool house through tropical-style landscaping. 

2. Lap Pool

If you are fitness-minded, you might want to consider putting in a lap pool. These narrow rectangular beauties are perfect for slim yards and offer the cool comfort of a regular pool without the large size. You’ll still be able to practice your strokes and get a great workout. 

3. Infinity Pool

One of the hottest trends in backyard pool ideas right now is the infinity pool. It has water flowing over an edge rather than being surrounded by stone or a patio like regular pools. This gives the illusion of the water flowing into the surroundings, which is very dramatic when paired with a water view. 

4. Enclosed Pool

Don’t let your summer swim stop when the season ends! If your idea of a dream house pool is one that you can use year-round, no matter what the weather, you might want to build an enclosure for your pool. This is a great fit for houses that already have a patio with an overhang or a property that has room for a structure to be built. You can also install pool enclosures and swimming pool covers as it provides convenience, safety, pool cleanliness etc.  

Take Care of Your Dream Pool

When planning your future backyard oasis, don’t forget about maintenance! Keep your pool sparkling clean by giving it regular cleanings and treat it with the right mix of chemicals to keep it balanced. And if you don’t have time to do this kind of work yourself, you can always check out a pool service company like this one at Majesticpoolinc.com for more information. 

Ready To Build a Pool?

Now that you’ve learned about the best dream pool ideas out there, you can create your very own. Whether you want a trendy infinity pool or one with soothing water features you can work with a professional pool company to create a design that will wow your friends and family. Even if you have a small property, you can still build your dream backyard with a lap pool.

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By Hemant Kumar

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