Most people, in their youth, are neglected in their health, and they are ruining their bodies by sedentary lifestyles, bad habits, and eating habits. Thanks to this, already in middle age, a person may experience various diseases and dysfunctions of the organs and systems. As for men, they often experience energy and erectile disorders, preferring to treat them with power.

Many oriental practices offer a variety of exercises and gymnastics aimed at training the whole body, as well as preventing various ailments, including physical impairment. In addition to celebrity yoga, Tao practices that increase energy, which help recovery after heavy operations and ailments, have become increasingly popular among men.

To determine which Taoist habits are necessary for men for one or another man, they must first be divided into two groups. The first group of exercises and training is intended for men who want to achieve balance and psycho-emotional comfort, mental and physical satisfaction. The second group aims to improve the quality of physical activity.

In the absence of training partners, Taoists can teach man the practice of single improvement. It helps in free control of its physical energy and also supports men’s physical health and activity.

Exercises for Men

Exercises are for men and women to enhance oriental training and longevity, good health, and overall body tone. Exercises are based on smooth and light movements that even the elderly can handle at any time of the day. Furthermore, after the start of classes, the first results can quickly become significant.

Kegel Exercises:

Restoring the original and assembling new ones, stimulating energy exchange and blood circulation, as well as control of internal organs for swatch cleaning by used components kegel exercise helps to adjust weight, Cenforce 150 and Fildena 150 to improve men’s physical functions, and increase body tone. The man gets up straight, spreads his legs at shoulder level, and slips his arms along the torso. The brain is free of thoughts. The man rises on the toes as you breathe, the shoulders straighten, but the breath from the bottom of the mouth and stomach accelerates. When you breathe, you should pull your stomach back and bend your knees and lower yourself to the heels.

If the initial method did not help to understand where the necessary anatomical structure is located, the Kegel muscle can be detected by inserting a clean finger into the vagina. Women should squeeze their fingers inside to feel the muscles involved. By visualizing the necessary muscle frame using a mirror. Only after understanding any structure will be involved if it is to understand how to do kegel exercises.

Eight Drawings for exercises

Exhale is repeated 16 times. After that, you should not breathe and leave the air for a minute, after which the body will shake with maximum muscle relaxation. At the same time, the legs are also bent, and the arms hang freely along the body.

In the same position as before, the man gradually lifts his hands to the shoulders line, then slowly bends the legs to the knees, raising his left hand to the head. With the right hand, the man moves to the right and down, keeping the torso in a straight position and rotating it 45 degrees. In this case, the left is completely bent, and the right is only half.

With his right hand, the man should draw the “Eight Drawings” sign in the air and then take one step forward with his right foot and the left foot half bent. The next left hand should move left and down. You should step with your right foot, bend it halfway, and another. With each hand, 8 sketches of the symbol are drawn alternately for one minute.

Poultry flight for weight

The man gets up as before and draws on his stomach, and bends both legs slightly in the knees. Raise his arms above chest level, parallel to drawing a “false figure eight,” but the left hand is much taller, and the force moves to follow it. Keeping your hands close to your chest, you need to repeat the pattern in reverse order so that the “right” dominates the right hand.

The tortoise catches its head – a lesson for diabetics, for weight correction, and thyroid function.

 In the same position, the man should draw his belly slightly, bend the legs, and lift his hands down with his palms parallel to the ground in front of him. The hands are slightly bent at the elbow, holding the semicircle to the level of the abdomen with the left hand and the palms up. The weight is completely shifted from the opposite side to the leg, leaning forward like a man, turning the torso slightly to the left. After a half step, the left leg moves there, bending it to the knee.

In this case, the right foot should be straight, and the foot should be completely on the floor surface. The left hand is pulled forward, bent over the brush area, so the fingers should stay across the floor.

The man presses his right hand to the right side of the chest, and then leans back with his torso, arching his back and pulling back the neck and abdomen. Now that the shoulders are back to their normal position, the man with both hands describes a circle up and down in front of him so that the joints of the shoulders move back and forth. Once again, with their hands, they describe the circle, but in a different direction in front. As soon as the hands reach the abdomen, the man should rotate his shoulders back and forth and leave them in their original position. Vilitra 20 and Vidalista 60 the treat for ED.

The torso turns to the right so that the arms are above the chest level, holding the ball in them. The right foot needs to be slightly increased, resetting everything half a step forward.

The deer exercise

Then the pelvic floor is tightened, quickly rising in parallel with deep breathing for 15 seconds. In this state, you need to freeze for 10 seconds, and then relax for 5 seconds while breathing fully. Keeping the fingers around the thumb all the time is very important at the same time, the posture should be equal. Upon completion, the fingers relax. After sleeping every morning and before going to bed in the evening, the deer exercise is repeated 21 times.

These are not all exercises used in oriental practices to improve physical function.

By Hemant Kumar

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