What are the 10 best colors in travertine tiles?

If you are thinking about having travertine tiles for your home, you are doing the right thing. These tiles come in various colors, patterns, and finishes. Also, each tile has an individual outlook. All you have to do is decide the color and the finish. But, it is such a task to find one color from the vast range. From light travertine tiles to dark tiles, you have various choices.

In general, travertine is found in warm and neutral colors. So, you will find cream, beige, tan, brown, and ivory in lighter tones. Also, you will see dark chocolate, gray, blue, and black in these tiles. The subtle variation in colors and designs gives a touch of elegance to your floors. In addition, the finishes tend to enhance the look of your travertine tiles.

Travertine Floors

From the choices that you have, here is the list of some best travertine colors. It will help you get the best color for your tiles:

  1. Walnut
  2. Noce 
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Philadelphia
  6. Light travertine
  7. Emerald light
  8. Mina rustic
  9. Gray travertine
  10. Beige

1. Walnut:

These colors are one of the neutrals that go from light to dark brown color. From modern to traditional to rustic, it can give you versatile looks on the floor. In the light travertine tiles, it turns into the beige family. In the same way, walnut color tiles can suit any home décor. Also, these walnut pavers can give a luxury look to your patio. 

2. Noce:

If you go into a darker shade of walnut, noce is the best color to complement your ivory walls. These travertine color tiles have a dark base with gold veining patterns. So, you can give a dark and warm look to your home with these tiles. 

3. Silver:

Silver travertine tiles have a gray base with an ivory white veining pattern. Also, the white veins create a silver outlook of the floor. In this way, your home interior will have a luxury look. So, these natural tones are best for indoor as well as outdoor. You can make a good impression through driveways and patios.

4. Gold:

In general, gold travertine tiles have a yellowish-brown base with gold veining patterns. Also, this warm and rustic color has a welcoming appeal. You can choose it for your living room and your gardening area. Also, this color has a stunningly hot summer appeal. In this case, you can opt for gold color tiles for the pool area. 

5. Philadelphia:

Well, if you are into earthy tan colors, you will love the look of Philadelphia tiles. As the name reflects, they are perfect for a tan look in flooring. In addition, this color looks natural in floor tiles. Also, the earthy tan is best to use in backyards and planting areas. Well, they look natural with all the greens. 

6. Light travertine:

No doubt, light travertine tiles are the classic tones to go with. In general, pale cream or ivory is available in these tiles. These cool and natural tones work best for any home interior and exterior. So, if you want a modern outlook for your pavers, go for ivory-white tiles. Also, the veining patterns look natural on their cream color base. They can give the best contemporary look to your home. 

7. Emerald light:

Emerald white is another best color in travertine tile floor. It has a white base with a light green veining pattern on it. Also, it has a pale shade that goes with stylish home décor. The hint of green has a unique texture. In the same way, these floor tiles will look perfect with white, cream, and light color walls. 

8. Mina rustic:

Rustic is a classic color to go for floor tiles. It is a mix of a yellow and brown base with orange and black veining patterns on it. Similarly, this shade is different from other travertine tiles. Also, it is unique in its appeal and texture. You can make it even better with a perfect finish and a seal. It will also bring diversity to your home décor.

9. Gray travertine:

Many people are in awe of the look of the dark grey travertine. This color has a stunning appeal in floor tiles. Also, it complements the light greenish-grey furniture. You can opt for this color for your kitchen and bathroom. Also, it is a heavily striated color with a dark veining pattern.   

10. Beige:

Beige is the most common color in travertine tiles. It goes from a light ivory to a dark fawn shade. Well, you can never go wrong with beige color tiles in the kitchen or bathroom. Also, they can handle dirt and stains pretty well. It has subtle variations from other light-colored tiles. Go for this shade to give a natural touch to your home exterior and interior.


Well, travertine is known for its warm and natural color tones. Similarly, it offers great variety in dark and light veining patterns. So, in neutral colors, you have the beige, gold, silver, ivory base, and light travertine tiles. Similarly, you have grey, walnut, noce, and black in the dark ones. So, you can opt for any color tiles for your kitchen, bath, driveways, and patios. 

By Hemant Kumar

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