Forms of creative writing differ from each other on the basis of purpose, structure, level of emotional appeal and so on. As an artist, it is important to know the creative writing types.

After learning what is creative writing, it’s necessary to learn about the different forms and types of creative writing too. It helps the writer to stay on the edge of creativity in his work.

This article will explore five basic forms of creative writing. This information will help you to find what you, as a writer, are a perfect fit for.

1. Analytical Writing 

Writer’s critical thinking and creative analytical skills are used in this kind of writing. Firstly, you need to identify and dissect the subject. Secondly, you can analyse and depict various aspects relating to that subject.

Analytical writing is not purely descriptive. However, it requires a main thesis, the explanatory body and a summary. 

Analytical kind of writing is opinion based and writers, both fiction and nonfiction, can state their views creatively.

2. Persuasive Writing

Logic and emotional appeal are the two factors to be considered when a writer is writing persuasive. Persuasive writing is basically nonfiction, with logical arguments and careful word choice. 

How you can reach people emotionally, defines how effective your persuasive writing is. This process requires logic and backing it up with creative claims. Adding a personal touch could go a long way in persuasive writing.

3. Narrative Writing

This is one of the most basic forms of creative writing. Weaving the various elements like character, story, emotional purpose, tone and structure plays an important role here.

Along with being descriptive, the creative edge in types of narrative writing is strong. That is because you have to keep the readers bound in your writing. 

Not keeping narrative writing too long is wise to create a compelling write up. This goes a long way in keeping the readers engaged.

4. Argumentative Writing

People often confuse argumentative writing with persuasive writing. But the main difference lies in the content and appeal. Persuasive writing focuses on emotional appeal and opinion. However, argumentative writing backs up the argument with scientific stats and experts’ quotes.

From the initial statement to the supporting facts, everything needs to be authentic and logical. Facts should be well proven and the argument should be placed strongly. Along with creativity, the authenticity of the content too is important in argumentative writing.

You can conclude by leaving with the reader something to think about. A story or a quote can be used here.

5. Expository Writing

Expository writing describes or explains a particular idea. A number of aspects relating to the topic are considered while writing on the subject. 

Creative introduction and conclusion helps in making the expository writing effective. How you build up and conclude along with using the supporting material in an engaging way counts the most. 

Some techniques in expository writing may seem advanced. But by practice, they can be broken down to simpler levels for writers in the beginning.

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By Hemant Kumar

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