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Parents always wish to be updated about their kid’s life, especially when it comes to their education. Education is taken very seriously in every household, and the parents must be a part of their child’s life where they are known for their academic successes and failures. 

With today’s technology and EdTech being so advanced and enhanced, there are various ways parents can be aware of all their child’s achievements and help them improve in any domain if needed. They can easily track their students’ performance via multiple apps or websites. Nowadays, many schools have their own app that allows parents to watch all the activities and performances.

What is a Parent app?

This is a personalized app that every school has, which allows the parents to keep track of their ward’s performance and other activities at school. Apart from checking their results and performance in exams, they can also check their attendance and extra activities and achievements. 

This also allows parents to relate to the teachers and discuss the scope of improvement of their ward. This school parent app download helps them understand the working of a school better.

Various features and properties of a Parent app are mentioned below:

  1. Parents can easily keep a check on their child’s attendance-

This app has a section available for keeping a record of the student’s attendance. There are daily, monthly, or yearly columns available to check the attendance. In addition, there is a systematic display of the student’s total attendance over the past working days. Finally, there is also a graphical representation of the days the child is absent.

  1. Parents can keep a check on the academic performance of their children-

This app has many features that can systematically show the student’s entire performance in depth so that parents can get a clear picture of their child’s performance. This page shows the grades and marks that the student has obtained over the past exams that have been conducted. The report card given by the school to the parents at the end of every term is also given via this app since all the required information about their performance and marks is present here. 

  1. The app helps the parents to be able to communicate better with the teachers-

This app acts as a medium between the parents and the students since it helps parents get in touch with the teacher and communicate with them regarding any issues they face. This helps in improving the student’s performance at school since their parents and teachers can come up with different methods that would help increase their focus and understanding at school. Parents can also be aware of all the activities of their ward at school by getting direct information from the teachers and work towards improving their behavior. 

  1. Parents can make payments via these apps-

These apps that the schools provide every parent with are very helpful when it comes to making payments as well. Apps have the option of making payments successfully and safely. Parents can directly pay the school fees or tuition fees through these apps. 

This way, they also have a record of the money that has been paid lately. They are also kept updated with any new payment requirements. This allows them to be on time with payment and also pay at their own convenience instead of having to physically go to school. 

  1. This app allows parents to track the buses that their kids travel by-

These apps have the option of being able to track the buses that their kids use to reach their schools. This way they can check the timings of the bus and be on time. 

Knowing the accurate time of the buses is essential so that the kid can reach his school on time and not be late. Parents are also informed if on some days the bus is running late. This allows the kid to wait at home for the bus to arrive instead of waiting for it. 

  1. Apps have the option of digital libraries to allow the kids to learn online-

These apps have a great feature of a digital library that allows students to study online if some days they do not attend their lectures or even if they wish to brush up on specific topics that they find challenging and wish to improve in them. These allow them to be in touch with their studies on a regular basis. 

The features mentioned above are some of the main reasons why a parent app is so widely used in the education industry. In addition, these apps have various advantages that are appreciated and desired by every parent since they can be fully updated with their kid’s academic life. 

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!