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Ever since projects are evolved, their importance is also increased. So to meet its requirements, project management has become a significant part of executing a project. Some of them are very complex and face many challenges. It becomes very important to ensure that they deliver quality results of the project. When the project is managed carefully, it saves them time and money of the project, which would have otherwise been spent on unnecessary expenses. Also, it improves communication among the project team and its stakeholders. With that, the team is able to make better business decisions, and thus they provide desired goals and objectives. As a result, the project is led by expertise, which is just an important part of the project itself.

Today, we are living in a Project Economy, which means projects have become an important part of delivering business value. So, over the years, the tools and techniques of project management have also been standardized. Projects are taken up all across the world to bring innovation and enhancement to businesses. It helps to meet the strategic organizational competence, also acts as a subject for training, education, and career paths.

Want to know more about Project Management? The article below explains it and the ways in which you can learn.  

What is Project Management?

Projects are taken up temporarily by the companies and organizations to meet specific goals and targets. It can be a delivery of a unique product or service to enhance performance. Examples of projects include the delivery of advanced software to enhance the business process, expansion of sales in new regions, construction of a new building, etc. the projects can be both short-term as well as long-term. Each project deploys its own set of employees, budget, cost, and other risks associated with it. Since projects face a variety of challenges, it is important for the projects to run efficiently without getting affected in between. Here project comes into play, which ensures that the project works efficiently. So the Project Management is the application of skills, techniques, concepts, and tools to deliver valuable results to people.

The projects differ from the routine operations of the organization. The changing nature of work and technologies across the world puts the need to meet specific goals. And that is fulfilled by separate independent projects. All of these professionals employ Project Professionals. So they are people who are skilled in project management tools, technologies, and concepts to deliver high-quality results in a project. All of these projects are led by Project Managers.

The free project management courses are listed below:

  • Introduction to Project Management by Simplilearn

This introductory course is offered for free by Simplilearn. So it is perfect for beginners looking forward to starting their career in Simplilearn. It will teach you the basics of project management, agile, scrum, and Microsoft project 2013 – to lead any project from start to finish. This course is suitable for project managers, Team leads, Software Developers, Project Executive Developers.

Key features: 2 hours of video lessons, certificate on completion of the course, free 90 days access to the course.

Skills covered:

  • Project management
  • Program management
  • Risk management
  • Stakeholder management
  •  Agile Project management
  • Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management by Coursera

The digital learning platform “Coursera” provides this course by the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. It is an introductory course that will help the learners to identify factors that lead to project success. They will learn to plan, analyze and manage projects. Also, they will be made familiar with the challenges of real life.

Key features: Flexible deadlines, shareable certificate, beginner level, 100% online, approx. 8 hours duration, English language.

Skills Covered:

  • Risk analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Management
  • Project Management
  • Diploma in Project Management by Alison

This free online diploma in project management will help you learn every aspect of project management in a clear and easy way. This will train you in crucial phases of the system development lifecycle: analysis, planning, design, and evaluation. Also, it will make you aware of the practical aspects of the industry.

Key features: duration of 10-15 hours, free to learn and assess, accreditation by CPD.

Skills Covered:

  • Software development Lifecycle
  • Project Management
  • Project management methodology
  • Gantt and PERT charts.
  • Introduction to Project Management by Edx

This introductory course by Edx believes that you need to have the project management skills aligned in your work so that you can achieve desired goals. Be it a larger or a smaller project, you need to learn the tools and concepts to manage it properly. It has step by step procedure to plan, scope, schedule, cost, and manage the project from beginning to end.

Key features: estimation of 6 weeks duration( 2-3 Hours per Week), self-paced, free, English language.

Skills Covered:

  • Knowledge and skills of project management
  • Communication skills
  • The complexity of projects.

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The article clearly illustrates the importance of project management in today’s professional world. Also, the easy ways to learn project management are also briefly described. That being said, if you are a professional willing to start your career in project management. The best thing about it is that you can learn it for free as well. Since these courses are online, you will not face any difficulty with geographical boundaries.Start learning for free today!

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