With the advent of new music streaming platforms, the demand for music producers is skyrocketing. As the demand for music is on the rise in the industry, there is fierce competition among aspiring music producers. Therefore, it is crucial to obtain in-depth knowledge of music and acquire relevant skill sets to stand apart in the industry. Students considering a music career can attend music production school in Toronto to gain an edge over others in the music industry.

Why in Toronto?

Canada’s Toronto is considered one of the best places to make a career in music. With a thriving economy, multi-racial nature and vibrant culture, Toronto is a hub of ambitious, talented, and creative musicians. Full of life and vigour, the city comprises several live music venues presenting opportunities to budding businesses. According to a report published by the Society of Composer, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN), the Little Portugal and Trinity-Bellwood’s area havetopped the list of the best location in Canada for budding musicians, songwriters and other professionals related to the music industry.

The music industry in Canada

Sixth most extensive in the world, Canada’s music industry is popularly known for contributing significantly to the development of the famous subgenres, including pop-rock, country rock, hard rock, punk rock, progressive rock, indie rock, and metal. The country has also produced several renowned music artists such as Drake, Bryan Adams, Neil Young, The Weekend, Justin Bieber, Alanis Morissette and Shania Twain.

In addition, the Canadian music industry is a significant contributor to the country’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product). According to the CIMA (Canadian Independent Music Association), Canadian Independent music contributed over USD 300 million to the Canadian economy. Besides this, the Canadian music industry employs more than 13,400 artists. From performing arts centres to leading music production schools, the country has developed everything in its music infrastructure. Therefore, Canada is the perfect launchpad for aspiring music producers.

Tips for choosing the best music production school in Canada

The road to a career as a music producer is not easy. It requires a unique skillset and in-depth knowledge in the area. Thus, it is crucial to acquire the right skills by pursuing a professional course in music production. So, we have prepared a list that will help aspirants choose the best music production school in Canada.

  1. Inputs and outputs of the music school- Inputs are the school’s facilities such as well-equipped classrooms, experienced faculties, software and hardware, and the school’s reputation. Outputs are how well is the student’s performance.
  • Location is crucial in the holistic development of students- Location pushes you to grow by learning from the people around you. Therefore, it is beneficial in the holistic development of individuals.
  • Focus on course structure and curriculum- An advanced syllabus is vital to learn the latest technology and skills in the market. So, you must check the course’s pattern, structure, flexibility, and duration.
  • Watch videos of the music school’s alumni- The alumni’s works speaks a lot about the institution. Their success and achievements show their knowledge in the area. So, you can quickly learn about the school by watching alumni videos. You can also take feedback from current students for better insight.

If you are keen on attending a music production school in Canada, keep these tips mentioned above in your mind while choosing it.

By Hemant Kumar

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