Recruitment companies have been playing an important role in order to supply the correct talent of employees to a particular company. They basically try to act as a middleman between the job provider and the job. With this being the role played by the recruitment company it is really important to mention that a company cannot survive without the correct talent. 

Functions of the recruitment companies

Recruitment companies in UAE take into account all the needs of the company. It understands the profile of the company and the type of the jobs it offers. It also offers the talent of the employees. Accordingly, it tries to match the demand of the people so that it becomes possible for them to meet their needs. Recruitment companies perform the function of staffing for most of the organisations. 

Need and utility of recruitment companies

It is because every company needs the correct people and only a recruitment company can do that job well. That is why this particular function is outsourced to them. It can also be performed by the in-house recruitment team of the company. It all depends on the availability of Manpower and finance with the committee and Company. 

This article will make an attempt to list down the various kinds of functions of the best recruitment company. Recruitment companies become the best recruitment companies only when they perform this type of function. The list has been given in the following way. 

Designing job profile

As already mentioned, until and unless the company does not analyse the requirements of the job profile it cannot recruit any person. For example, for the post of a developer, the recruitment company has to analyse the qualifications that must be there for the developer. 

The company needs to analyse whether it needs an employee with an engineering degree or it needs someone with an MBA degree. This is known as the analysis and postmortem of the job profile. Once the company itself knows about its requirement then it becomes easier to advertise about the job so that only the candidates with that qualification come up.

Identifying the correct pool of talent

Another important function that is performed by the recruitment company is the identification of the correct pool of talent. They try to identify the job seekers. For instance, if for the post of a developer the company means somebody with the degree of Engineering, it would go for placement in engineering colleges.

In other words, it can be said that a company will hit the correct target audience so that only out of that target audience, the employees are chosen. It is truly essential to identify the correct pool of the employees so that the additional processes of staffing can be carried out flawlessly. Thanks to the experience in the market, and the expertise they have, recruitment agencies can offer large talent pools to suit your requirements.

Receiving application

After making an advertisement about the post in the target audience, the company has to wait for receiving applications. Not every person in the target audience might be interested to get associated with the company. In such a situation it is extremely important for the company to see the job applications of all the interested candidates. 

If an interested job candidate has submitted his resume and applications for the job then it shows his interest in the job. This job application should be evaluated against various heads. On the successful evaluation the decision to hire the person can be made. 

Background checks and interview

This is a combination of two most important processes. Once the candidate has shown his willingness to get associated with the company, a background check is conducted. In other words, it has to be said that a background check is very important for analysing the truthfulness of the organisation. A company tries to check if the employee has obtained the correct qualification and whether he has pursued all the qualifications mentioned. 

Once the candidate crosses the stage, he is interviewed by the company. In the interview he has to respond to the answers asked by the people to him. He has to display his knowledge and skills so that the company people get impressed to the maximum possible extent. 

Job offers

The recruitment company performs the important function of handing over the job offer to the successful candidates who have made it up to the interview. The terms of the employment are negotiated to them. At the same point of time, a contract is signed between the two parties.

So technically all the formalities of Human Resource Management are formed by recruitment companies. This is an important function which they perform to save time. It is helpful for achieving the best type of advantage. 

Training and development

The function of the recruitment committee is not completed only at the stage of employment. It is able to continue even after that stage. In such a situation it has to be concluded that the recruitment companies leave no stone unturned for the training and the development of the employees.

 They train the employees to make them conversant with the dynamism of the society. It gives them new skills and understanding of the new concepts so that they can employ the same into the organisation. It is considered to be an important process because it will ultimately benefit the organisation. It will also personally develop the employees to become a better person professionally.


It can be concluded that a recruitment company is able to perform these diverse functions. It is only upon the successful completion of these functions that the gap between the company and its objectives can be accomplished. A company is a huge organisation which has a structure of various job profiles.

 If the job profiles are not occupied by talented and competent people then the success of the company would be reduced. That is why it is essential for a company to either perform the functions of the recruitment company in house or outsource the services of a functional recruitment company.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!