Zombies series are the new trending series on online streaming platforms. People think that Walking Dead is just another Zombie series but it’s not true. As we all know “never judge a book by its cover”. If you are not including Walking Dead in your Binge-watch list for this reason then you surely missing something really great. In fact, the Index of Walking Dead web series is one of the best series, not Netflix.

First of all, It’s “walker,” not “zombie.” It’s not about the walkers; it’s about the humans; the bonds they create; and how humanity behaves when put under extraordinary (to put it mildly) duress. In the big scheme of things, the walkers are almost an afterthought. In a zombie show, there must be action and general grossness – that is usual. However, Rick Grimes and his newfound family are the core of the story, as they struggle to live in a post-apocalyptic America.

Interesting things about Walking Dead

 Once you start watching Walking Dead, I can bet there is no coming back. If you are still confused let us take you in the world of Walking Dead storylines with enough reasons that why should you add this web series to your next watching list.

• Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes is the heart of the show. His acting and expressions are tremendous. He’s a vicious, protective survivalist who can deliver a one-liner with ease. He’s out to safeguard not only his children but also his new family. He makes difficult judgments and is also a worthy opponent.

• Bold and unforgettable Characters

These characters The Walking Dead are so convincing that after one or two episodes you will connect to them with hearts to hearts. You will start to feel their pain and share their success. you no longer consider these characters to be simply “characters.”

• Fabulous graphics

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice, horrible bloodbath? There will be lots of bloodshed with so many enemies and villains to fight and dismember. Every Sunday at 9 p.m., you’ll get your fill of bloodshed thanks to Rick Grimes and company.

• Horrible Villains

The show’s villains are the very definition of “pure evil.” Nothing can hold these naturally evil people in control now that all social norms have been shattered. As a result, individuals who oppose the group are actually barbarous.

• Romance on fire

Because it’s impossible to have a television show without some form of the love relationship between the main characters. If you’re the type of person that NEEDS romance in their weekly program, The Walking Dead has you covered and also available on pirated sites like TodayTVSeries, whether it’s Rick, Lori, and Shane’s love triangle or the drama between the Governor and Andrea.

• Strong Female Characters

The women of The Walking Dead i.e Carol and Michonne are looking so wonderful by kicking the serious butt of evil. Observe Carol’s dramatic character development and cheer her on as she develops into the boss she is today. Michonne flies through the landscape on her own, ripping through the zombie horde like they’re made of paper.

• Surprising Death

It should come as no surprise that death plays a significant role in The Walking Dead universe. It’s not just about how amazing Rick Grimes and his crew look when they kill their millionth walker. It’s about the sadness that befalls the characters, as well as your own emotions, once a beloved character dies. No one is safe in The Walking Dead, which means you have to be on your toes every time a walker appears or someone is kidnapped.

• Unlimited Adventure

The Walking Dead starts in rural Georgia and avoids major cities (except for Atlanta), so it’s essentially one huge journey across flat, grassy fields and forests. The group may stumble upon a new civilization, new villains, or much-needed supplies.

 The Final words

Now I am sure that after reading these interesting points, you would definitely watch the Walking Dead. This show has many more interesting adventures and characters which are surely worth watching.

By Hemant Kumar

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