A production design company is a company that offers some or all pre-production, production, and/or post-production services for film and video. Production teams may handle both the artistic and technical elements of film and video production. Ultimately, their goal is to utilize the visual medium to help convey compelling tales.

Whataproduction design company does

They are responsible for bringing an idea to reality. They create, film, and edit material that conveys a narrative, to be more precise. Many focus on certain types of work, such as commercial, narrative, and/or instructional work.

A production design company may handle virtually every element of a film or video, such as props for the video, writing the script, adding special effects to the video, etc.

The goal is to determine if a client’s requirements are compatible with the capabilities of a production company. However, just because a business hasn’t previously done something like what the client is planning doesn’t imply they can do so.

A competent staff is aware of contextual subtleties that aid in customizing a message to the client’s requirements and brand. While they provide a seemingly infinite number of creative services, they can be broken down into three main phases of production:

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-Production

Keep in mind that these services exist on a scale of budgets and timelines. Determine whether a production design company can manage the clients’ product, operate within the client’s budget, and fulfil the client’s deadlines before hiring them.


During pre-production, the groundwork is laid for a project to succeed. Companies must connect their creative teams with the client’s creative concept throughout this time.

Pre-production services may range from screenplay to set construction, depending on the client’s specific requirements. Pre-production efforts, for example, include the following::

  • Scriptwriting
  • Graphical Designing
  • Cast selection
  • Construction of the set
  • Designing props for the video/film
  • Designing/selecting cast costumes
  • Planning out the film’s budget
  • Checking out various locations for the shoot
  • Selecting staff for the shoot and schedule shoot timings


The cameras start recording during the production phase. Then, the cast and crew begin filming sequences, whether in the studio or on location. The number of crew members and the equipment required may vary greatly depending on the film or video.

A good product design company will know how to optimize resources while staying within the client’s budget and maintaining the greatest level of quality. Many companies hire cameras on rent to reduce the overall cost of production. You can easily hire the top-notch quality camera via Pro Motion Hire. In addition, hiring a seasoned company that lays out its production deadlines can help to avoid needless overages, overtime, and other expensive pitfalls.


Raw footage is transformed into the final output during post-production. The production design company switches from shooting to editing at this period. Typical post-production duties include:

  • Editing the footage
  • Colour Grading
  • Adding music & sound effects
  • Noise cancellation
  • Adding visual special effects and animations
  • Replacement of dialogue wherever needed

These techniques give the raw video more depth, emotion, and context. Experienced editors can take a decent narrative and turn it into something spectacular. Professional production companies do this by using a package of cutting-edge editing tools and software. If you’re searching for production design companies, enquire about their post-production process, particularly as it pertains to communication and deadlines.

Bottom Line

If you ever decide to hire a production design company to help you convey a story of your own, be sure they completely understand your vision. The thoughtful inquiries a production team asks their clients reveal a lot about them. So only proceed if you’re certain they grasp the core of what you’re attempting to showcase.

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