Due to poor listening practices, over 1 billion young adults around the world are at risk for permanent hearing loss. 

Attending concerts is exciting, and using extreme power tools helps get the job done. Unfortunately, both concerts and power tools are loud and can damage a person’s ears. 

Many individuals these days are participating in unsafe listening practices and are unknowingly losing their hearing. They don’t know anything is wrong until it’s too late. 

Save your ears now by understanding what factors cause damaged hearing. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Hearing Loss Caused by Noise

Loud noises affect the cells in your ears. While we can’t always control loud noises in our environments, we should use earplugs and headphones when possible. 

Be cautious around loud music, tools, vehicles, and planes. If you know you’ll be around the cause of the noise for an extended period of time, take all needed safety measures. 

Do you work in a noisy environment? Get a hearing test soon to assess potential damage.

Damaged Hearing Caused by Aging

Over the course of your life, many parts of your inner ears will deteriorate. It’s unavoidable for many people, but taking the proper steps of care while you’re young will reduce the effects. 

Seek help from a doctor if you’re an elderly individual experiencing problems with hearing. Using tools, such as hearing aids for seniors, will help. Many doctors may even be able to help with properly cleaning your ear canal. 

If you’re still young, schedule frequent hearing tests to receive advice from professionals to slow degeneration. 

Genes Cause Damage Too

Believe it or not, many hereditary factors cause hearing loss. Chat with your older relatives if you’re concerned about hereditary hearing damage. 

In the case you’re more sensitive than others to loud sounds, always keep a pair of earplugs in your pocket or purse. They’ll come in handy when maneuvering in noisy environments, such as your walk to work through a loud city area. 

Encourage other members of your family to take care of their hearing. Create a calm, quiet environment in your home for your children if you’re aware of hereditary hearing loss. 

Take Care of Your Ears: Factors of Damaged Hearing

Imagine not being able to hear your favorite song or the voice of your loved one. Protect your hearing, and be aware of the factors of damaged hearing. It’s important to take cautionary steps before it’s too late. 

Loud noises, especially if experienced for a long period of time, cause hearing damage. Other factors include hereditary hearing loss and damage caused by aging. Schedule a hearing test today to assess the damage and seek help from a professional.

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