A Backend as a Service or mBaaS or BaaS is a type of platform that takes proper care of cloud infrastructure and also properly automates backend side development. Through the use of BaaS, you can get rid of the responsibilities of maintaining servers to a third-party app.

A BaaS also offers you tools so that you can create a backend code and can gain speed in the development procedure. The hard work involved in making backend technology never seems to be an easy task, and every organization uses this service to protect their software.


BaaS providers offer a great range of functions. The key features work greatly to business requirements and differ in purpose and scope. The basic features that various companies offer consist of:-

  1. Provides social integration for various apps.
  2. Offers the function of native notification that permits you to alert users.
  3. Offers email verification and push notifications.
  4. Provides scalable database and database graphical user interface.

For what things BaaS is required

BaaS is viewed as a perfect idea for every type of solution, but it is not always like that. It is hardly used for healthcare, enterprise, insurance, and business applications that require various features. Various industries make good use of this feature. And they are:-

  1. Used in transportation apps, for instance, Uber apps, and BaaS seems to be a perfect option to create them.
  2. BaaS is a good choice for developing social networking apps.
  3. If you want to get real-time apps, the BaaS model offers a great backend to these apps and it turns out to be very functional.
  4. As now everything is converted into online mode, e-commerce apps are in great demand and seem to be simple moneymakers. So, with the help of BaaS, you can create e-commerce apps.
  5. Many apps that relate to video streaming can be built using BaaS.

Advantages of BaaS

BaaS is a very effective service when spoken about fast apps launching as it lowers the time of developing and your mobile solution can be set very fast. It consists of many advantages from business and technical areas. So, let’s start with the advantages of the business.

  1. Helps in lowering developmental cost as it guarantees high quality and great performance.
  2. You can create your solution at a much faster pace.
  3. BaaS keeps your data safe and cyber attacks get minimal and the procedure can be done in a very easy way.

When to use BaaS

BaaS is becoming a popular service nowadays and here are the cases that you can use for a backend as a service platform. They are:-

  1. In making a minimum viable product (MVP).
  2. In applications that need small integrations.
  3. In making enterprise apps.

For these three cases, using BaaS is a no-brain activity and helps you in saving a huge amount of money and time.

For whom usage of BaaS is good

The BaaS platform works on the principle of technical service and is mainly created for app developers. If a user uses it and doesn’t have the skills to use it then that user has to face many challenges. Apart from app developers who can use this service:-

  1. Front End engineers that have average knowledge and that too in backend development.
  2. Can be used by backend engineers that desire to speed development.
  3. Probably used by engineers that desire to outsource tasks.

Citizen developers can’t accurately use this service as it needs programming and technical knowledge.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!