Most companies are in business thanks to one of two business models. Either you sell products, or you provide services.

If you provide services, then you have clients, not customers. If you have clients, you need client management software, or case management software, to ensure you are tracking all of the information you need to track.

Whether you have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of clients, it can be incredibly difficult to stay organized, manage client records, receipts, conversations, individual client plans in any other way.

Forget about paper and say goodbye to spreadsheets. It’s time to save time and boost your revenue-generating potential with the best case management software.

What is case management software, and how does it work to manage information? Read on below to see how it can start benefitting your business today.

Industries That Manage Cases

There are certain industries where case management makes much more sense. If you’re in the nonprofit or social services industry, you’ll need case management software.

When working in the foster and adoptive care sector, there are hundreds of cases, for children and parents, that need to be kept up to date. Records are vital for documenting progress, providing reports to lawyers and judges, and much more. Similarly, if you are a lawyer you may realize that getting from one location to another is an essential aspect of an lawyer’s daily work life. No matter you are going to a client meeting, to a judiciary, or to an airport, personal lawyers are constantly on the go. Lawyers have a lot of hassle in their life, so their biggest anxiety is finding a taxi and then collecting, submitting, and recording the receipts. For such attorneys who constantly use cabs and want to keep a record of all expenses, there are many automated tools to track the cab receipts, such as uber for attorneys from Cloudlex.

Managing cases with paper records quickly becomes overwhelming and inefficient.

Likewise, in the medical industry, every patient coming your though door requires accurate records to be maintained, to ensure health plans are maintained and bodies are getting better, not worse. That’s why medical providers use software like Iinsight, as it helps them provide better care to each patient.

And any type of agency would also benefit from this type of software, such as a marketing agency.

What Is Case Management Software?

Managing cases means keeping lots and lots of records. You need to record communication. You need to record plans that are created, steps that need to be taken, and the progress made by both you and the client.

Healthcare providers need to track medical history, keep treatment records, and store records of prescriptions that were provided.

All of this data needs to be stored somewhere. And in the past, this meant a filing cabinet. In recent years, it has meant a virtual storage folder.

But you don’t just need to store data, to keep it safe. You need that data to be useable.

By using case management software, you aren’t just locking away information to use in the future in case something goes wrong. Information is recorded in specific fields, so when you need to answer a question, you can find the corresponding information quickly.

If you need to generate reports, you can do so with ease, without having to unearth all the different files, trying to make sense of them.

Case management software allows client managers and service providers to always know how a particular client is doing, where they are in their current plan, and where they need to go.

It streamlines the process of you helping them, and it saves you time and headaches.

Benefits Of Case Management Software

So why should you buy case management software? Here are a few key benefits.

Fewer Errors

When you manage records with paper and pen, you increase the chances of human error. Whether it’s poor handwriting, or misplacing a specific document rather than archiving it, a lot can happen when you deal with piles of papers.

When you handle everything digitally, all of the information goes to one, centralized location automatically. It’s not possible to misplace anything, and you’ll protect yourself from the consequences of losing valuable information.

No More Printing Or Scanning

When you deal with paper forms, it means that are a lot of templates you’ll need to create, print out, and hand-deliver to your clients for them to fill out.

Then, if you want to store those digitally, you have to scan them and send them to the appropriate storage location. It creates too many steps and increases the workload for case managers.

They often don’t store information right away, so records aren’t always updated in real-time. By using case management software, you can avoid all physical interaction, and avoid the hassle of dealing with finicky printers.

Plus, you can automatically generate reports and forms based on information saved on a client’s profile. You can send it electronically, have them sign it, and move on.

It’s easier for them and easier for you.

Store Data In The Cloud

Older software relies on the use of physical servers to hold data. But the use of these location-based servers isn’t very efficient. Modern case management software keeps all of your data in the cloud and makes it accessible from anywhere.

So if you have a team of people who travels for work, or works remotely, a cloud-based system empowers your team rather than slows it down.

Cloud-based systems are also more secure. This means that the vast amounts of sensitive information that you keep on file are safe. You have less risk of someone stealing data, which could result in a lawsuit due to company negligence.

Save Time And Money

What do all of these features and benefits add up to? Case management software makes the job of your case managers easier. It’s the nurses and caseworkers who are the lifeblood of your organization.

The faster and more efficiently they can work, the happier they’ll be. This in turn allows them to provide better service to your clients, ensuring they continue coming back.

By automating many of the physical tasks associated with record keeping, you can shave hours off a typical work week. So you’ll have happier people and a healthier bottom line.

Investing In Your Organization

Ready to upgrade your organization by purchasing case management software? It’s one of the best investments you’ll make in your company.

Not only will it improve workplace satisfaction, once your team makes it past the learning curve, but it will improve your bottom line over time as well.

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By Hemant Kumar

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