A platform bed is essentially a kind of bed frame that supports your bed without the need for box springs. Unlike regular bed frames, platform beds tend to be closer to the floor, and hence lift your bed about twelve inches off the floor. You can easily add either a headboard or a footboard to your platform bed, making it the ideal bed for many.

Mostly, platform beds have a sturdy modern metal bed frame but there are other variants too. There are several different kinds of platform beds, which is probably why they have become so popular in recent years. One of the most popular is the sleigh bed frame, which is especially good at supporting a low mattress type. Another popular type is the half box foundation, which has two sides: a solid one, and one that comes with a solid side. These both look nice but have their disadvantages. The half box foundation is much lower to the floor, meaning that you might tip over if you try to sit down on top of it, but it’s also fairly flimsy, so won’t last too long.

A far more sturdy option is solid platform beds, with a strong base that provides the necessary support. Solid platform foundations also help with poor circulation, because gravity won’t push your body around as much when you are sleeping in a horizontal position. There are several different solid foundations that you can use for your platform bed, ranging from wood to metal. These types of mattresses also come in many different levels of firmness, giving you just the right amount of comfort depending on whether you like to sleep on a firmer surface or prefer to ease your sleeping woes with soft surfaces. Either way, there is certainly something for everyone, and you should certainly be able to find the perfect mattress for your needs.

There are many types of mattresses (visit Chiropedic for a single mattress) on the market, which are suitable for platform beds. The type that you choose depends largely on your budget and your requirements. You need to select a mattress that is going to provide comfort, durability, and support. Before making a purchase, it is always a good idea to do your research so that you can make an informed decision. It is not just about purchasing the most expensive one but also ensuring that the product you buy is right for your particular situation.

Things To Consider While Choosing A Mattress For The Platform Beds

To avoid causing damage to the mattress when you are assembling it, you should make sure you have turned the mattress upside down before starting. This is especially important if you intend to assemble the bed in your bedroom. This way, you can ensure that all sides are facing the correct way and there is no headroom or gap in the mattress. The reason why you should do this is that some people like to sleep on their stomachs. It is impossible to have a comfortable sleeping position without turning the bed on its side.

Another important consideration when choosing a mattress for your bed is to purchase one with the right density. Each type of bed mattress has a specific density, which provides the level of support you need. When looking for a suitable bed, it is important that the mattress’s density closely matches the level of comfort you want.

There are other additional things that you need to consider when choosing the best mattress type. First of all, you should choose a mattress that offers the amount of support you need at a comfortable temperature. Therefore, the firmness of the mattress mustn’t change throughout the night. Also, it is a good idea to invest in a mattress that is easy to clean because dirt can easily seep into a mattress that is too hard or too soft. Finally, it is important to look at the size and thickness of the mattress so that you won’t have any difficulties when getting in and out of your beds.

Types Of Mattresses Best Suitable For Platform Beds

  • As far as materials go, most people prefer to purchase mattresses made from memory foam or latex. These materials are designed to conform to the natural curves of your body and provide the support you need. Some people, however, do purchase platform beds that are made from metal or steel. Although these products provide excellent support, they can also cause uncomfortable pressure on certain body parts.
  • You will also find two types of mattresses best suitable for platform beds which include coil spring and memory foam. Coil springs consist of categories of coils and small balls that roll over your body and provide you with comfortable support. On the other hand, memory foam uses moisture to mold itself to the shape of your body which provides support much like a memory foam mattress.

Platform Beds: Benefits

The benefits of platform beds include the fact that they are easy to assemble, inexpensive, comfortable, offer good support for the mattress, support the mattress, and complement decor. These types of beds are most often used in conjunction with a platform box spring. This allows for extra comfort and versatility for the bed. You can purchase a platform bed frame and mattress separately, or a combination, such as with a box spring and a twin size mattress.

Another benefit of platform beds provides relief from lower back pain. They typically position the mattress on a slant, or “lateral side” of your body. This enables your body to sleep on your side, or in a “sleeping posture,” which provides greater comfort. If you sleep in a prone position, with your back facing the wall, you may experience pressure points that increase neck and shoulder pain, in addition to other health issues. Sleeping on a slant provides relief from this problem because it eliminates the pressure points.

How To Maximize Your Bedtime Experience 

You’ve just learned about the best mattress for a platform bed. It’s the main factor you need to consider to ensure great sleep. Now, it’s high time to learn how to maximize your bedtime experience for a restful, satisfying, and comfortable sleep. Check out the following tips:

  • Choose A Comfortable Pillow: Pillows provide the body support during sleep, especially the neck, the head, and the shoulders. For instance, a stomach sleeper pillow ergonomically helps relieve pressure for stomach sleepers, keeping the head, neck, and back aligned. 
  • Choose A Comfortable Bedding: Your bedding should be clean and smelling fresh all the time to help boost your mood for sleep. There are many beddings you can choose from, such as linen sheet, sateen sheet, microfiber, flannel, and bamboo sheet. Linen sheets are perfect for hot sleepers because the fabric is super breathable. Sateen sheets are a type Egyptian cotton that’s ultra-smooth. 
  • Enhance Your Bedroom Ambiance: There are many ways to improve your bedroom for sleep, such as choosing a relaxing colour of wall paint. You can change the lighting of your bedroom to ambient. In addition, aromatherapy is a quick and great way to boost a bedroom’s ambiance too.


You can also purchase platform beds with storage included, either built-in or free-standing if you prefer. With many styles of these beds, including contemporary, modern, traditional, and transitional, you can find one to fit the style and design of your room and reflect your taste. These beds are available in different sizes from single to double to the king, making them great for accommodating extra people if you have more than one sleep partner, or if you have unexpected guests.

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