Fall is an excellent season to complete some of the DIY projects you’ve been putting off due to the dog days of summer. However, one aspect of the home that people often neglect is their gutters. 

That can lead to underground gutter drainage problems that come with a hefty cost

If you have a clogged underground gutter drain, keep reading to discover some of the common causes and how to fix them. 

Underground Gutter Drainage Problems From Non-Professional Installation

A gutter system is a necessary part of a home to keep it well-maintained. However, the signs that show it need repair can be minimal and are often get overlooked until it’s too late. 

Some problems include breaking apart from rust and ruining a home’s foundation when the rainwater isn’t directed away. As a result, many have turned to in-ground systems. However, they can present underground gutter drainage problems of their own. 

More often than not, the problems stem from subpar underground gutter drainage installation. While it may seem like you’d be able to dig the trenches at home, it’s simply not a DIY job or something for an inexperienced installer. 

Professionals consider various factors before they even begin digging. They must account for any obstacles like underground utilities, sprinkler systems and walkways. All things considered, a DIY underground drainage installation can lead to costly damages.

Short Extensions and Wrong Materials

A correctly installed underground gutter drainage system needs to carry the rainwater at least 10 feet away in order for it to be effective. The 10-foot distance is the minimum required to make it past the zone of failure. 

Everyone likes a good deal, but for underground gutters, that typically means cutting corners on materials. That leads to dreaded cracked foundations and flooded basements. 

In order to effectively carry the water away from your home, the underground gutter installer must use high-quality PVC pipes. Sometimes installers may use corrugated plastic pipes. Sometimes installers may use corrugated plastic pipes.

However, these pipes are thin and make it easy for plant roots to pierce and grow from within. At that point, it’s not about hiring the best gutter cleaning services but rather replacing the entire setup.


Another common issue that leads to underground drainage problems is incorrect pipe installation. That’s when installers place the pipe in a horseshoe shape. The shape is an issue because it causes water to travel back up instead of getting carried out as intended. 

The problems only begin there. During freezing temperatures, the horseshoe-shaped pipes can completely block water flow. In turn, this can damage walkways, siding and downspouts, to name a few. 

Prevent Underground Drainage Problems

Underground gutter drainage problems can cause numerous headaches for homeowners. However, they only present problems if they aren’t properly installed or maintained. The best way to avoid these issues is to take action before it’s too late. 

That includes regularly cleaning out your gutters, especially during the fall season. You can also install some sort of guard to prevent debris from falling in. 

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