“Hopefully with digital projection, a film will always look the way the filmmaker intended.” – Asif Kapadia, a British filmmaker. The art of filmmaking, ever since it started riding on the waves of digital media, promises filmmakers a faster and better stage for narrating their visual stories. The level of creativity that can be achieved is unparalleled. Take, for example, the movie Apocalypto featuring Mel Gibson – Jaguar Paw’s return to the wild evokes the same emotional reaction from us viewers as it does for the character.

Are you planning to take up digital filmmaking but wondering if there’s just a single career path in this area? Read on to know your options.

#1 Multimedia animator

The combined power of multimedia and animation can be seen in Hollywood movies like the Jurassic Park and Bollywood blockbusters like Krish. The visual and special effects in each are mind-blowing, able to transport the viewer into the setting without even lifting them from their seat – all thanks to a multimedia animator.

You can also work in this exciting field after completing a degree in digital filmmaking. The role of multimedia animators is not limited to movies, but extends to games, advertisements, soap operas, etc.

#2 Videographer

In case you want to explore and highlight the big picture of smaller productions like live events, documentaries, commercials, sports events, training commercials, or more, you can walk down the path of videography.

Skilled videographers usually work alone with their camera set-up, or they may work alongside a small team of sound and light technicians. The work is usually outdoors in remote locations. You can even take up freelancing as a videographer.

#3 Graphic designer

The creative field of graphic design allows you to create attractive designs for billboards, logos, websites, and more to promote the product or service of a brand, either digitally or in print.

As a graphic designer, you will need to meet up with clients or art directors to understand the scope of the project, form and present design concepts that align with their visual campaign needs, and apply updates (if any) before the designs are ready for publishing or printing.

#4 Scriptwriter

All the written blueprint of a movie or television show is the brainchild of a screen or scriptwriter. The number-one task before the scriptwriter is to create compelling and well put-together stories that can grip the audience’s attention till the ending.

Scriptwriters may write scripts for lengthy films like theatre movies, short films, television series, radio commercials, web series, even stage plays and computer games. Feasible plot lines, relatable characters, and brilliant scene-by-scene outlines of the story are needed to succeed.

#5 Digital video editor

Content is king, and video is one of the most engaging content marketing tools out there. But, to ensure high engagement rates, brands need to design videos that use the coolest graphics and sound effects.

As a digital video editor, a typical day in your life will look something like creating storyboards and treatments, developing scripts, going through videos and ensuring that their animation, graphics, music, sound bites, and special effects all tie together accurately and logically, then finally producing the edited videos on the relevant platforms.

So you see, never limit yourself. The career scope after digital filmmaking course is wide and promising. If you’re itching to enrol in one, choose an institute with a strong international footing, like the Pearl Academy. Through the one-year specialised program, you will get 360-degree knowledge of two key dimensions of filmmaking – production and storytelling.

Post-completion, you will even be placed in a television or production house for two months to get hands-on experience and apply your knowledge into practice.

By Hemant Kumar

I am a zealous writer who loves learning, redesigning the information, and sharing the original content in an innovative and embellish manner. I hope you will find my work beneficial and entertaining. Happy Reading!