Although the pregnancy rates for women are decreasing, that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of baby bumps. If you’re trying for a baby or recently discovered you’re pregnant, you’re likely already absorbing as much information as possible. It’s time to add this guide to the list.

We’ll go over what to do while pregnant. It won’t be an extensive list but it’ll set the foundations for more research.

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Be Sure to Take Your Vitamins

It’s no secret that vitamins are an important addition to anyone’s health journey but this is especially true when you’re pregnant. There are a variety of vitamins to choose from but two of the most important include folic acid and vitamin D.

Folic acid helps reduce your baby’s risk of neural tube defects. Ideally, you take them three months before conception but if it’s too late, start taking the recommended daily amount now and continue until the end of the first trimester.

Vitamin D helps your baby develop healthy teeth, bones, and muscles. It also helps regulate the phosphate and levels of calcium in your body. This vitamin is particularly important if you are at risk of a deficiency.

Stay Active

Although you may enjoy sitting down for long periods of time, it’s not healthy for you or your baby. It’ll put you at risk of gaining too much weight, pre-eclampsia, and varicose veins. You don’t want to deal with shortness of breath and lower back pain in addition to all of the other pregnancy stressors.

If you’re already an active person, you can continue at the same level, but be sure to slow down when you feel uncomfortable. If you didn’t exercise before becoming pregnant, no need to join a gym, simply incorporate 30 minutes of activity four times a week.

Nutrition Is Everything

As you might have guessed, what you put in your body during pregnancy is important. You’ll want to eat a variety of vegetables, whole grains, fruits, and protein foods. Avoid foods and drinks with added sugar and saturated fats.

Although having a treat is fine every once in a while, try to limit refined grains and starches. You’ll also want to limit how much caffeine you drink.

While you’re pregnant, it’s important you completely avoid alcohol. This can seriously affect the development of your baby.

You can always talk to your doctor or use the web to answer any burning questions (for example: is collagen safe while pregnant?)

What to Do While Pregnant

Seeing the little pink plus sign on a pregnancy test is always exciting, especially if you’ve been waiting for your own little bundle of joy. There’s no shortage of useful resources for anyone who is pregnant but you don’t need to limit yourself to only a handful of articles online.

This guide explores what to do while pregnant, at least some of the more healthy habits to incorporate into your daily routine. Once you understand the basics, you can venture off to read the details.

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