Did you know that some doctors care for more than 2,500 patients in their practice? This can lead to many phone calls and a busy waiting room in order for these patients to be seen and to answer any questions over the phone they may have. 

Medical answering services will help your medical office function smoother and allow for better patient care in and out of the office. Keep reading on to learn more about what benefits to expect from using a medical answering service. 

Inpatient Care

Medical answering services allow your staff to focus their attention on the patients in the office instead of getting interrupted by phone calls. 

Using a doctor answering service can help speed up the check-in process. A medical answer service can get some preregistration paperwork filled out prior to the patient getting to the office. This will help to alleviate some paperwork being done in the office. 

A medical answering service allows for in-office registration staff to focus on the patient in the office rather than getting interrupted by phone calls. Even answering the phone and placing the caller on hold can get frustrating to the patient in the office when they are just trying to check in. 

Focusing more on the patient in the office will lead to improved patient satisfaction. 

Outpatient Care

Medical answering services can help increase patient satisfaction outside of the office as well. A medical answering service allows the receptionist to focus on the caller on the other line and focus on their questions rather than a crowded waiting room with patients trying to check in.

Since a medical answering service can focus on the patient on the phone, the caller will not have to be on hold so that the in-office staff can check someone in. As a result, they will get their questions answered quicker and will not have to be on hold to schedule an appointment. 

Patient Privacy

When dealing with medical information over the phone, many medical offices worry about the risk of HIPAA violations. HIPAA violations can lead to heavy fines for your practice and a bad reputation. Therefore, maintaining patient privacy information is essential. 

Medical answering services are trained in HIPAA compliance and are knowledgeable about how to maintain patient privacy.

Medical answering services help relay HIPPA compliant messages throughout the office. Allowing these messages helps to ensure that you are still up to date with what may be going on with the patient.  

Emergency Calls

Emergencies don’t always happen during office hours. Medical office answering services, however, allow for someone to be available to answer a call 24/7.

They can then forward the call to the main office, practitioner, or direct the caller to call 9-11 or go to the emergency room. Whichever is appropriate in the situation.

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A medical answering service can do a lot to improve your medical practice. It can help ensure that your patients in and out of the office receive the best care and that the staff is able to focus on them. It also helps to maintain patient privacy and HIPAA standards, which is crucial for any healthcare facility. 

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