When you are managing a music festival or event, it is an exhilarating feeling. As you involve yourself in planning, marketing, and managing the event, one of the most important aspects is to find the best festival ticketing platform.

By using a festival ticketing platform, you help patrons experience a customizable and streamlined ticketing experience and enhance your attendance and maximize your revenue collection.

From a small local food and beverage festival to a multi-day rock concert, the appropriate digital ticketing software can provide tools to get the most out of ticketing and promotion for any event. Having access to user-friendly, adaptive event software may assist with everything from ticket pre-sales to post-event chores such as reconciliation.

With the growing popularity of contactless payment alternatives, online festival and event management software may also give your customers the ticketing experience they want.

Hence it is really important to keep certain things in mind before choosing a Music Festival Ticketing Platform.

Pre-Event Features

If you have managed a music festival, you would know how the success of a music festival depends on the pre-event buzz; hence your ticketing software should give you all the tools so as to build certain pre-event elements, thereby maximizing your ticket pre-sales.

Availability of Marketing and Promotion Features

After all, encouraging people to click on your event website and purchase tickets is directly related to creating excitement about your festival or event. Your festival software should allow you to create a promotional page that focuses solely on your event, with no distracting clutter or cross-branding.

There are certain ticket management platforms that offer you a customizable event page where you can actually control your branding elements like logos, photos etc.

Check the Event Day Features of the Ticket Management Platform

When guests arrive at your event, mobile ticketing enables a faster check-in. Ticket buyers can save a photo of their ticket, download it to a digital wallet, or print it or have scan-and-go access utilizing QR codes.

When processing multiple combinations of multi-day festival tickets or bundles, colour-coding for different sorts of tickets allows your staff to identify them, which can be extremely helpful.

Post Off Event Features

A proper ticket management software provides you value even after the event ends. When the dust actually settles, you actually need to understand if you earned the desired revenue and whether the people attending the festival were actually satisfied by the experience.

A proper ticket management software provides you with certain key features so as to help with your post-event needs.

  • Sending Satisfaction Surveys: A ticket management platform also sends satisfaction surveys to event attendees so as to understand their experience and what can be improved for the next event.
  • Staying Connected with Patrons: A proper ticket management platform also ensures you to stay connected with patrons by sending them advertisements for upcoming events.
  • Reviewing Revenue Goals: A ticket management software also sometimes provides you with accounting software so as to integrate ticket sales data and account information.

Summing Up

These are some of the features you must look at before purchasing a music festival ticketing platform.

By Hemant Kumar

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