The starter is one of the most important components in your vehicle. No matter what type of car or truck you drive or how new it is, if it has an internal combustion engine (gas or diesel), it needs a starter to get the engine running. If you own a Hyundai Sonata, you will need to find the right starter for your vehicle.

The easiest way to do this is to search a website like AutoZone to find the part that fits your make, model and year. For example, you can easily find a starter for 2011 Hyundai Sonata by using the filter. Plus, that filter stays in place, so you can grab some brake pads and engine oil while you are at it. You can even manage a “garage” of multiple vehicles if, for example, you and your spouse both own a car.

The good news is that a Hyundai Sonata takes a very standard starter for a gasoline engine. The main concern is whether the starter will fit. However, most Sonatas are built with sufficient space in the engine compartment to accommodate different aftermarket parts. Using the above-mentioned filter, you can be confident that the starter will work for you.

Why Replace a Starter for a Hyundai Sonata?

This may make you wonder why you would need to change the starter, especially if your vehicle still starts. However, there are a number of situations that may call for a replacement:

  • Car Won’t Start: The most obvious reason to replace the starter is if it isn’t firing. There can be many causes of this issue. The most obvious is that the engine doesn’t make any noise when you turn the key.
  • Car Runs Weirdly: Your starter is responsible for getting the cylinders moving and firing. If it isn’t working properly, the startup process may happen incorrectly. So, a bad starter can cause some strange behaviors on starting.
  • Engine Light: If the check engine light is on, it may be the starter motor. You can potentially diagnose this with an OBD-II scanner.

Affordable Hyundai Sonata Starters?

If you need to replace your Hyundai Sonata starter, you are in luck: the typical car starter cost for an aftermarket part is quite reasonable. Many starters are between $100 and $400. However, parts for new or luxury cars or OEM parts may be a little more expensive.

Using the AutoZone filter or a similar feature, you can easily shop around for a few different options to find the right price for your budget. That is also a great chance to grab some other consumables. For example, you may want to look up the correct Hyundai Elantra 2013 oil type to change the oil and filter on a family member’s car.

Order Your New Hyundai Sonata Starter

Place an order for your new Hyundai Sonata starter today. This part is typically reasonably easy to install. You simply need to mount the starter and plug it in. However, you will need to be careful to get all the wiring correct.

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