Do you have a certain style of home you consider your dream home? Or a design that you’re very drawn to?

And of course, each person has different opinions and tastes on what the best house types are. 

However, knowing what you want can help your buying process in the future be quicker and easier overall. 

So if you’re looking for some inspiration on the most popular home styles, keep reading! 

Tiny Home

A tiny home is perfect for small families that can live a simplistic lifestyle. So this is best for singles or couples looking to live resourcefully. 

However, this lifestyle isn’t for everyone and can be challenging at times due to size. But, the benefits are usually cheaper and easier to maintain than a full-sized home.


Colonial style is amongst the most popular types of houses. And this style dates back to the 1700s and was influenced by the Europeans. Americans loved it for its geometry and twists in architecture. 

Today it’s loved for its two-story setup that usually has 4 rooms on the upper level and 4 rooms on the lower level. And of course, there are now many different variations based on that specific floorplan


A contemporary style is a great home design idea that was common from 1950 to 1970. It was otherwise known as a modern take of architecture at the time in America. And they are known for their simple geometric lines and forms.

So these homes usually have open floor plans, large grassy yards, and simplistic designs. 


A craftsman home was most commonly found between 1905 and 1930. So many people loved this design for its character. And that’s why it is making a comeback today. 

So these homes often featured lots of interior woodwork and large attics. 

And the exterior features low-pitched roofs, wide overhangs, and columns for support. 


A Hampton-style home is a luxurious and coastal mix. And many people love these styles for their predominant features. 

So in a world where relaxation and sophistication meet, this home style has large entryways, rooms, and furniture. 

Therefore, it’s common to see these homes showcasing statement pieces of furniture. For reference, more information can be found here. 


Back in the day, farmhouses were popular for their living spaces being attached to the barns. 

However, today they are a rustic take on the older styles. And when you visit a farmhouse you’ll notice the large, wraparound porch. Plus, some additional features include steeply pitched roofs, shutters, and shiplap. 

Inside, you’ll find large gathering places for families to enjoy, large sinks, and wooden accents. 

Popular Home Styles

These popular home styles are sure to help you narrow down your dream home and help you when you’re ready to purchase a new home.  

So keep in mind, the housing market is always changing. So buy smartly and responsibly. 

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By Hemant Kumar

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